Kluang is located right in the centre of Johor. It is basically a pretty much a sleepy and quiet little town which has however  gone through a lot of development since the 1915 when it was founded…


Most people, including us, the Colours of Lives Travelogue Malaysia team found it hard to resist the charms of the Kluang Railway Station, which is a historical building on its own… 


But what that draws people there is also a simple steaming hot cup of aromatic coffee, some toast or traditional nasi lemak with sambal on the side served at the Kluang RailCoffee..


Yes, people go there for the food and also to soak in the heritage and diversity, you can find there at the simple and unpretentious kopitiam.  It is here at the Kluang RailCoffee where you can find the perfect setting to experience how Muhibah Malaysia can be…


The Kluang Station coffee is the canteen of the railway station, but unlike the franchise which you can find serving up dishes like Chicken Chop, Laksa, and so on, there isn’t actually much to eat here..



The dishes that you can get here are pretty simple and basic dishes such as charcoal-grilled toast (bread or bun), half-boiled eggs, packed nasi lemak and mee siam, curry-puff, and of course, the coffee.

The coffee is 100% local and roasted with butter and the nasi lemak is pretty legendary and can sell like hot cakes at certain time.. It certainly comes in a very simple and small portion and taste good. The sambal is still spicy as ever. However, it comes pretty plain, wrapped in banana leave and newspaper with only rice, some anchovies, peanuts and sambal. It does not have cucumber or egg to go with it.


I opted for some of the charcoal- grilled toast bread, some half boiled eggs and an iced coffee… which was really very fragrant and tasty.. Totally simple and everyday breakfast, but enhanced by my surroundings and the slightly different way it has been prepared… Love it…


Address – Kluang Rail Coffee, Kluang KTM Station, Jalan Station, Kluang

GPS – N02 02.024′ E103 19.062′

Website – http://kluangrailcoffee.com.my


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