Adventure in the Sixth Mile Tunnel, Lost World of Tambun

When I was told that my team of #influenzas (a group of influencers and bloggers who chose that name because they wanted to spread news and love to the places they visit like how the virus is spread 😁😁) will be exploring the sixth mile tunnel at the Lost World of Tambun, I seriously had my own misgivings…

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Firstly, I have only visited a handful of recreational caves.. go inside, take a peek, pop out again..etc, and these caves are usually already people friendly.. such as the Batu Caves near where I stay, the Ailwee Caves in Ireland and so on…


And the sixth mile tunnel was definitely not too people friendly and kinda challenging..


The #influenzas team gathered at 8am at the main entrance of the Lost World of Tambun and we were brought to the Adventure Park.. while waiting for some food supplies, we killed time going kayakking in the Boga Lake there.. the guys disappeared fast enough to the other end of the lake and us two girls did not want to go too far as we were not thst good at kayakking and we did not want to have to come all the way back again…


We got off and after realising the guys were not gonna come back any time soon, the adventure team coordinators took us out in the boat to meet them and pull their kayaks to the edge of the lake…

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We then traisped through the back lane of the pretty Sunway housing estate and reached a pond behind the X trail camp/cabins/mini extreme park…

Considering that one has to cross a swampy or mucky pond either by floating across or getting their feet stuck inside the muck or sludgy mud that promises to destroy your shoes… it was pretty challenging since the water was also pretty freezing in the morning and we did not want to dirty or destroy our shoes…

Once at the entrance of the cave/tunnel… led by Fakrul the lead activity coordinator, we said a little prayer for safety and with the hope nothing untoward would happen…
It is always wise to do so as a sign of respect and also humility to God and the universe around..


Then our little adventure continued from the entrance of the cave as we started wading through chest deep, eventually knee deep and ankle deep water, stumbling over stones, loose pebbles and stones…

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Fakrul pointed out catfishes, Kelah fish, albino centipede and even a strange cave spider… we even got to see a baby bat..

Besides that we also got to admire magnificent crystal formations, stalactites and stalacmites…


The tunnel, said to be discovered in 2006, got its name from the sixth mile of a village which it was located at is both a former abandoned tin mining area as well as a communist hideout.

The tunnel was dark and can be pretty chillingly quiet, and at one point before we came out of the cave, Fakhrul made us turn off our headlights and we were plunged into deep darkness…

We really had to walk carefully as there were many rocky and slippery areas.. and for that effort I slightly twisted my ankle a few times, slipped a few times and ended ip with some bumps and bruises on my feet, all at the same time trying to avoid touching the cave walls for fear of touching the wrong things since we were warned there were pythons and poisonous cave racers that preyed on bats and we also had to be on guard from potential careless flying bats.

We hastened our steps excitedly when we saw light at the end of the tunnel and it was where the Lost Valley was located…

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The Lost Valley really seemed like stepping into a moment back in time and it was here where we stopped for a rest, a mini picnic before heading back into the tunnel…

Our team of #influenzas didn’t encounter any snakes, although I was kinda half disappointed since I was kinda wishing I could have spotted a small wild python, but I certainly had a great and unforgettable experience despite my scrapes and bumps.. and thank goodness for the safety helmets we were required to put on as well or my head would have also been bruised or full of bumps by the way I seemingly bump into the cave low ceiling when I was just trying to watch my steps and navigate my way around the slippery stones .


We surely had an unforgettable time and experience even after the caving and heading back to where we started off….

For more info on caving or other adventure activities, do call up Lost World of Tambun at 05-542 8888. Reservations must be done in advance prior the trips.

Thanks to Sunway Lost World of Tambun, Travelland Hotel, The Haven Resort, Jun Chillax, MAPs and Perodua Malaysia for sponsoring and supporting our trip…

Thanks to all my #influenzas team mates here Jaslin, Arie, Aizul, Fahmi, Jack, Freeze and Neysa for their friendship, and awesome company…

20 thoughts on “Adventure in the Sixth Mile Tunnel, Lost World of Tambun

  1. Influenzas, love the name 🙂 This sounds challenging, I’m not sure if I have the guts to do something like this & I admire your courage! I definitely do not wish to encounter any snakes in any circumstances, I’ll jump & run! *shy*


  2. I mmg adventurous type person. Looking at you in the pic. Jeles nya hahahahha. But tqsm fir sharin so many info plus pics. Mana tahu one day i got chance to exolore this place – so this entry can be my guideline

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  3. I was told there”s a hill here that sort of belong to my ancestors – the Dato Panglima Kinta of Perak – of which my grandfather line belongs to – and some visitors who had bad intentions cld be disturbed except family geneations.. but till now I have not been there to experience it…tho i am one of the generation of Dato Panglima Kinta Che Tak my grandfather…Congrats on your effort…


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