13 High Rope Course Challenge, Lost World of Tambun’s Adventure Park

Sometimes, the irony of life is that life has to deal you with a few blows before you realise what you have missed out in life…


And that was exactly the case for me.. and I decided to change my life around and put me, myself and I first… and since I am not quite Benjamin Button, despite having a young heart, I really must follow my own motto- Live Life Lah and live life to the fullest in whatever way I can..


So, the #influenzas were at the Sunway Lost World of Tambun’s Adventure Park, tucked in the midst of a gorgeous green forest area next to the millions of years old cliff to try out the 13 High-Rope Course that has been created to challenge your self confidence, self esteem and endurance…

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The 13 High-Rope Course is a sky trek area featuring 13 different hanging ropes obstacle course at which you can enjoy the soothing sounds of a 60 feet waterfall while you brave the trail with your team mates or friends..


8 of us #influenzas members armed with just helmets, harness, cable, outdoor life ropes and carabiner were brought to the Tin Valley where the scary looking course was..


Yeah.. again I had my misgivings and was wondering what I had let myself get into.. but it was all part of the challenge and quietly and nervously I got on.. I was lucky to be in between amazing team mates who did their best to encourage and look out for me.. and helped me get my carabiners clipped on the right cables as some of the cables were kinda hard to reach…


We had to go through different routes from see saw wood, tight rope walking, tyres course, wooden course etc..

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… it was pretty nerve wrecking at many points and I was all but shivering and shaking up there but I just did not want to give up and so I kept quiet and continued on white lipped as I clamp down on them in concentration.. gingerly taking my steps one at a time. .
When I got to the end of the trail.. it was such a huge relief..huhuhu…


Victoriously, all of us headed back to the adventure counter feeling accomplished as well, yet another mini milestone…..


For more info on the 13 High Rope Course activity or other adventure activities, do call up Lost World of Tambun at 05-542 8888. Reservations must be done in advance prior the trips.

Thanks to Sunway Lost World of TambunTravelland HotelThe Haven ResortJun ChillaxMAPs and Perodua Malaysiafor sponsoring and supporting our trip…

Thanks to Teyra for some of the pictures used here… and to all my #influenzas team mates here Jaslin, Arie, Aizul, Fahmi, Jack, Freeze and Neysa

9 thoughts on “13 High Rope Course Challenge, Lost World of Tambun’s Adventure Park

  1. Been to Lost World many times but this is one attraction that I have yet to try. Not sure if I ever will, unless I am with a bunch of friends who would goad me to do it!


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