Driving the Perodua Myvi 1.5 Advance…

For our recent #Influenzas fun holiday break, we took one of the latest top range Myvi 1.5 Advance out to Ipoh… It sure was an amazing ride.. so let me share a little on what I can on the car… Do however forgive me as I am not exactly a car expert here…


We picked up the car from Perodua HQ in Sungai Choh/ Sungai Buaya and upon first sight, I have to say I did quite fall in love with the looks of the car…


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The Perodua Myvi 1.5 Advance is indeed a good looking car and it comes with a shark fin antenna…


It does look pretty cool and sporty with a lower front and LED reflector headlamps. The LED reflector naturally offers brighter light and is said to be more long lasting than halogen bulbs.


The wipers are aeroblade type wipers, which is a first for Perodua , and it comes with 15-inch Alloy Rims

Did you know the new Myvi has received a full five-star crash safety rating by ASEAN NCAP, improving on the old car’s four stars. And it has been said that the Perodua Myvi scored higher marks than the latest Honda CR-V due to the car using 2.5 times more high-tensile steel than before, with some extra bracing and reinforcements…


Colour wise, you can choose from Ivory White, Glittering Silver, Lava Red, Mystical -Purple or well, Granite Grey.. Vivy, what I nicknamed my borrowed Perodua Myvi 1.5 Advance was a lovely Glittering Silver colour which drew people’s eyes to her…


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Driving Vivy was a pleasure and easy… because her steering was pretty light and relaxed… I have to say I was really impressed with Vivy, when she navigated up the steep slope near Bangsar Shopping Centre effortlessly, something which I had to struggle with when driving my Proton… all due to the added on hill-start assist system. Vivy comes with six airbags just so you know…. and semi- bucket leather front seats…

The meter panel design comes with a two dial design, kinda classy looking.. and the Perodua MyVi 1.5 Advance’s head-unit features a touchscreen display, which is kinda easy to use.

The air-conditioning system has digital controls and can be pretty cooling… but then again it is a new car..


I read there was a SmartTAG toll reader which I had to look all over for until I found it on the right side of the drivers wheel a little hidden away… It was kinda awesome since, you just need to slot in your Touch ‘n Go card and it will work..  I remember my team members and I trying it out nervously at the first toll we came to and when we passed through we were all giving each other high fives..

It can also show your remaining balance… and a warning sound when your balance is less then RM10.. I am also pretty impressed whenever the GPS tells me how much I should prepare to pay at the toll plaza… but the GPS can be kind of a let down since I cannot find half my destinations I was going… sighh……


And the boot is spacious… and can fill up to 277 litres…and well, with three team members in the car, it was sufficient for all our bags, but then again none of us travelled like a diva this time around with huge luggages… heheheeh


Perodua claims that the new Perodua Myvi 1.5 Advance 30% more economical than its predecessors…. and yes, I think so because we did not stop to fill up any fuel until the third day after driving to Ipoh and all over, after we have completed a visit to MAPs Perak and was heading back.. even then there were two more bars available.. Anyway it is said that if you drive with the Eco-Idle on, it is 20.1 km/litre… not bad huh for High Fuel Efficiency..

We have after all drove Vivy all the way from the Perodua Hq to Damansara, to Klang, Damansara and Shah Alam, before heading to around Ipoh and Tambun and back….

Vivy comes with the Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) active safety system which uses a pair of cameras on the windscreen to offer four features: pre-collision warning, pre-collision braking, front departure alert and pedal misoperation control.

The first two is a form of low-speed autonomous emergency braking, or AEB, working between four to 30 km/h. The cameras can sense if you’re too close to another vehicle, and first warns you with a buzzer – if you fail to react, it will automatically brake for you. The braking action can be a little bit of a wake up call..  and pretty sudden.. I felt it when I was driving too close to another car… and the buzzer also got me a little panicky when a lorry was driving a bit too close from the back… Pretty cool stuff….


Even the management team of the Haven Resort could not resist taking Vivy out for a teat drive and their verdict was that they loved it…


And, if you must know… this makes Vivy’s sisters all the other Perodua Myvi 1.5 Advance a great bargain since it is one of the cheapest car with an AEB …


So Santa Claus.. if you exist… can I have my own Vivy please for Christmas or New Year….personally I find it an amazing little car and I adore it..


The new Myvi starts with the 1.3 Standard G, which is retailing for RM44,300 for the five-speed manual and RM46,300 for the four-speed auto. The 1.3 Premium X automatic adds mostly aesthetic items, and takes the price up to RM48,300…

The 1.5 litre model range is available only with an auto transmission. Choose from the 1.5 High, at RM51,800 or get Vivy’s twin… the 1.5 Advance, at RM55,300…..

For more info, check out https://www.facebook.com/Perodua/

Thanks to Sunway Lost World of TambunTravelland HotelThe Haven ResortJun ChillaxMAPs and Perodua Malaysiafor sponsoring and supporting our trip…

Thanks to all my #influenzas team mates here JaslinArieAizulFahmiJackFreeze and Neysa

3 thoughts on “Driving the Perodua Myvi 1.5 Advance…

  1. This is just the compact size and sporty look that I want in a car. Ah, I need the money to be able to afford it. It’s really a dream car for middle class folk like me.


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