Giant Floats for Sale or Rent at FloatSewa / Float Time KL

When you envision a pool… most of us will be envisioning the perfect bikini if you do have a killer body to show off, or for the rest of the normal imperfect humans, the ideal swimsuit that does not make us look like a pregnant hippo… but lately, we also really need to think and consider some giant floats.

The inflatable giant floats are exactly the in thing right now… and what you need in your next Instagram-bikini/ swimsuit post to get your friends and followers liking your pictures…

And even celebrities cannot resist them…  and there’s definitely room for more than one float in the pool…

Why giant floats.. you might ask but well, a float or two or three -depending on how big your pool is adds the visual pop of color to your otherwise just blue pool…


And there is just so much fun idyllically floating on a giant unicorn or flamingo or a slice of watermelon or just watching your friends lose their balance and fall into the pool… hahahaha… you can also simply lounge on one of the floats by the pool or at the balcony on a rainy day.. hehehe….

It is a whole lot of fun for your selfies and instastories on Instagram, Facebook and other social media channels…

Having to buy the floats can be costly, however, and you have to think of where you want to store them as well, not unless you do have a permanent pool at home.. so why not rent it.. like the influenzas team did…

We got ours from FloatSewa / Float Time KL and we were so in love with the floats we rented… be sure to check them out at for more details on how to rent these amazing floats… or WhatsApp Henri at 018 357 7911 or Hafiz at 011 3700 1316

You know you want to… because it is really soooo much fun having a few giant floats around… and renting them can be a breeze with the price only starting at as low as RM10….


..the best thing is you do not have to blow the floats up… as they will come with an electric air pump and you might also get a couple of float cupholders thrown in…

So WhatsApp them now or book direct from the website now…

Thanks to Sunway Lost World of TambunTravelland HotelThe Haven Resort, FloatsewaJun ChillaxMAPs and Perodua Malaysia for sponsoring and supporting our trip…

Thanks to all my #influenzas team mates here JaslinArieAizulFahmiJackFreeze and Neysa for their friendship, and awesome company…

The #influenzas are a group of influencers/ celebrities and bloggers who are all buddies who loves to have fun and well the name was chosen as we wanted to spread news and love to the places we visit like how the virus is spread 😁😁 .. do feel free to contact me if you want the #influenzas to visit your place/ hotel/ etc… WhatsApp 0123386033

4 thoughts on “Giant Floats for Sale or Rent at FloatSewa / Float Time KL

  1. Omg for pregnant hippo remarks! And you are right, having these giant floaters will make your summer experience more enjoyable, fabulous, and pictire perfect. Of course, this is heaven sent! Not all people have a skill to float on the water 🙂


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