We had a lovely dinner at this restaurant Bandar Baru Medan when we were there in Ipoh.. Initially, when we arrived, I could see some misgivings on my team mates face, but none of them said anything..


To be honest, I had my own misgivings as the cafe did not exactly look Muslim friendly from the outside… at least to those who were very particular over what they consume..


Sure enough Jun Chillax cafe, served up some pretty good and affordably-priced home-cooked food. It is probably the ideal place to go and have a good dinner… as the food is really good…

Jun Chillax cafe’s is indeed a very pleasant yet cosy cafe is a heart-warming family-run entity with paintings that make you feel like you are looking out at some beach or forest, depending on where you are facing… Besides that, you can find potted plants strategically placed making the cafe nature inspired…

The cafe can seat up to about 40 people… and is located very close to the AEON Kinta City…

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The menu is a pleasant fusion of Western and Eastern dishes… You really should not miss out the Siamese laksa, the Chicken Maryland, or the Hainanese chicken curry & bread, sago melaka, bubur cha cha.

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I also do love the set meals… our team ordered one that came with long beans stir fried with sambal belacan, some sweet and sour fish, cuttle fish with stink beans and sambal… and a pretty mean assam pedas fish… including fluffy white rice…

Jaslin Puasa, our team mate and celebrity influencer was really in love with the Siamese laksa.. which was indeed very flavourful..

…and another team mate also returned to the shop less then a week later with his family to have dinner there..  as for me, I will visit it the next I am in Ipoh…

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Kafe Jun Chillax is pork and alcohol free, having not gotten their Halal certification yet, but the boss is a Muslim convert… with two Malay Muslim chefs, one of who is actually the boss’ son in law.. so, Malay Muslims, even those who are very cautious about what they eat, do not fret…it is a shame to miss out on the great food here…


For more info, do check out – https://www.facebook.com/JunChillax

Address: No. 9, Jalan Medan Baru 6, Bandar Baru Medan, 31400 Ipoh.

Contact: 016 511 5441

Opening hours: 11am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10pm (closed on Tuesdays)


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