Hotel De Art I-City

Recently, I decided to stay over at the Hotel De Art I-City because my team and I were traveling early and the meeting point was in Shah Alam and well,  I just did not want to have to drive such long distance so early in the morning…


When I got to I-City I did get a little lost and could not find the hotel… I only manage to find it after Waze-ing it up… The hotel was about 3 mins away from I-City in a shoplot near some industrial area… opposite the I-City..

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You can hardly miss the hotel as it is brightly and tastefully painted, and stepping through the glass doors was like stepping into some Fantasy Wonderland, as you will be greeted by brightly painted wonderland themed paintings in the lobby.


The reception itself is made from giant books, namely Super Mario, The Hobbit and Alice in Wonderland…


The management team from Hotel De Art I-City had carefully picked their professional mural painters who painted the walls….


The mini-bar to the left side of the room has a little bit of  industrial concept which made it pretty interesting… but with murals of giant roses…


On the right, you can find a sea-colored padded sofa with a glitter of gemstones making the area plush and stylish..

Everyone knows that Hotel De Art’s  ‘trademark’ features different room designs. And well, here at the Hotel De Art I-City, each room was painted by Uitm and Unisel students. Each level is named according to the student’s degree. Among them, level 1 is pioneered by Fine Art Uitm Shah Alam line of students, while the second floor is decorated with a line of works by graphic students from Unisel Shah Alam and the result… pretty breathtaking I have to say…

The hotel comes with 35 rooms with each room equipped with basic amenities such as flat-screen television, air-conditioning, well-equipped bathroom with bathtub facilities, satellite TV network, WiFi and coffee and tea making facilities.

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Yours truly was kind of in need and it was the school holiday season, so all I got was a Art Twin room with floral doodles design…. but it was comfy, modern, clean, and I love the spacious toilet/bathroom….

According to the website, this particular room was drawn by Saffa Rahim, a student with  a Diploma Digital Graphic Design, Unisel.. Inspired from flowers and doodle motives, Saffa came out with floral combination to enhance the mood in the room.

With the prices as low as RM108 to RM298 per night, the Hotel De Art I-City offers several room categories as an option for visitors such as Art Queen, Art Twin, Art Queen Deluxe, Art Twin Deluxe, Art King Deluxe and Art Family.

Art Soho - Movie Up!-1380x1746

Art Studio - Super Mario-1380x920

You might also like to check out the Art Soho, Art Studio and Art Suite which are among the additional room categories available only at Hotel De Art I-City.

These rooms are pretty cool and are located on the ground floor… the rooms had been painted and designed by professional mural painters with ‘ascending stairs’concept as well.. so that you actually get a living room is downstairs while the bedroom is on top…

These rooms are spacious and can accommodate two to four people, and comes with the most cutesy themes as well such as the Super Mario room, the children’s animated film Up, the Japanese anime movie One Piece, The Hobbit, and Under The Sea. More special, these five ground floor rooms are constructed with furniture that are similar to the theme of each highlighted feature.

Like I said, it was almost fully occupied when I was there, so I did not get a chance to check out these rooms.. Hope to be able to the next time though….

Art Suite - Hello Kitty-1380x920Art Family Deluxe-1380x920

Customers can choose their own favorite room theme from the Hotel De Art’s own website or from the I-pad with some room pictures at the reception counter.. However, it is a ‘1st come 1st serve’ basis, so it is best to book the room you want as soon as you can when it is available… hehehe

The Hotel De Art I-City actually comes with a seminar hall as well…and can accommodate up to 150 people at a time…

Located close to the I-City theme park, Hotel De Art I-City would definitely be a great choice for those looking for something different in a fun environment…

The hotel is also close to….the Shah Alam Sports Complex, Extreme Park, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Bukit Cahaya Taman Pertanian and Wet World Shah Alam. The Shah Alam Hospital is also just minutes away from the hotel.

Website –

Address – 19 Jalan Keluli 7/110, Section 7, Shah Alam

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