CRG -Chicken Rice Guys Shah Alam

Most Malaysians love their chicken rice and well, you can find many different kind of chicken rice all over Klang Valley. The Hainanese style ones and well, the Malay style one where the Chicken is more kind of deep fried…


I know I personally enjoy having Chicken rice and recently, the Influenzas team was invited to try out the CRG – Chicken Rice Guys which was located in Section 7, Shah Alam… yup, it is smacked right at the university district with Unisel very nearby, and teeming with people..


It has been said time and time again that, when you go eat at a restaurant that has many people eating, you cannot go wrong, and well, this is one of the places you really should visit… and let me tell you why….


They serve chicken rice.. , delicious and flavourful. They serve up both versions of the Hainanese style chicken, roasted and steamed.. and well, we tried both by ordering their Nasi Ayam Yin Yang RM8.80 served on a lot of mom who loves cucumbers would have been over the moon with this…

You can alternatively order your favorite variant Nasi Ayam Roasted RM5.50 or Nasi Ayam Steamed RM5.50 if you prefer…


The chicken is lovingly prepared and is juicy and flavorful without being too salty as which is normally the case in many restaurants…

The soup that accompanies the chicken rice is also good…


Our team also enjoyed the Itik Goreng Rempah RM7.50, with the duck meat is tender and moist and skin crispy and nicely spiced…

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We had some veges to go along with our meal… and can you believe it.. a plate of medium sized Pat Choy or Tauge is just RM3.00….


You ought to try out the Wantan as well which is also unbelievably priced at RM3.00


I ordered a hearty glass of iced Milo Tabur and it came with generous serving of Milo on it and it was just RM3.00

So isn’t that like reason enough to come and eat here at the CRG – Chicken Rice Guys… you can pay super affordable pricing for a super healthy lunch with your family or friends and enjoy a delicious and super hearty meal without hurting your wallet or pocket…

The food served here are all HALAL , and prepared lovingly as you would enjoy it at home… fresh with no MSG, but using only real spices, herbs and flavours.

These awesome guys are just sharing their love for food with everyone and serving up amazing dishes at student prices…

Other then Chicken Rice, you might also like to check out the other hawker/street food they have such a Mee Kicap RM5.50, Char Koay Teow RM5.50 and a whole lot more – White Curry Mee, Prawn Mee…etc…


Being a fan of Char Koay Teow, how can I resist the yummy Chinese style version they whipped up for me, with cockles and fresh prawns.. it was really superb…


So there you have it… for a super good and healthy meal with your family and friends… that won’t make you feel like crying when you reach for your wallet – especially when you bring half a dozen or so people, do check out the CRG – Chicken Rice Guys…

Address – 40, Jalan Zirkon 7f/F, Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor

For more info, check out –

12 thoughts on “CRG -Chicken Rice Guys Shah Alam

  1. Nasi AYam memang menu hidanagn yang mudah dan sedap. Btw, macam tak percaya Pat Choy,Tauge, Wantan tu harga RM3! Paling tak pun biasa dijual RM6+. Murah lah sini. Nak pergilah nanti


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