Ruang at Janda Baik is a homestay kind of place in a pretty unique set up… It is a kinda eco-industrial-shabby chic-eccentric retreat, that is one of its kind… and it is just barely about 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur, or 15 minutes from Genting Premium Outlets


This cosy home stay in an open style villa is surrounded by nature, you get a fishing pond or two at the front of the villa and a stream/ river at the back and it is actually very insta-worthy and you really have to take plenty of photos here…!


My team members and I need a getaway every now and then, knowing how important it is to unwind from the hectic rat race that happens in the city…


Ruang is an interesting place, perfect for people to reconnect with each other, and have some bonding time and calm your mind and soul…


The place does not have WiFi and encourages you to imagine that it is in the 90s with no internet… heheheh…


So yes, it is pretty good getting to take some time off our phones and enjoy our friend’s companionship as well as indulge in other activities like fishing – and yes, one of us caught a big fish, but well, we released it back shortly after giving it a little bit of a trauma –  but then who asked that fish to bite into the bait… hahaha…; listening to the old fashion radio which surprisingly works like a dream, while taking pictures of ourselves in whatever narcisstic pose we can imagine…

…and playing Saidina… we wanted to go swim but it was winter… gulp… I mean cold season… so I decided against it..


we leisurely sat on the man made swings though and whiled moments away while listening to the water rushing through the stream or river…


The rooms were pretty awesome.. we had the rooms on the first floor of the ‘villa’ –the Barn and also the Akira Korosawa and they were double storey or split storey level…



The Barn was big and easily fit 4-5 people in…. there is a kinda queen size mattress on the loft, above on the split level once you climbed the steps up and there are more steps leading to a door… and a rooftop kinda garden.. pretty unique.. like I mentioned… On the ground level of the room, there is yet another double bed… and there are spare mattresses…  a dressing table /changing room at the side and a bathroom /toilet… and yes, a small balcony you can go out…



On the other hand, Akira Korosawa , the room which I had to myself was pretty opened…. Hahaha… I could stargaze from the open windows from my toilet/bathroom and bed… There are no blinds or curtains for the ‘windows’ and it can be a bit unnerving when you are bathing in the nude.. wondering if there are monkeys or whatsoever peeking at you.. lol.. it probably can be a turn on for exhibitionists though… hahahaha

The Akira Korosawa is also a split storey level like the Barn, except that it is smaller… There is a queen size mattress on the split level.. and also steps to the rooftop garden…  but the bed on the ground floor is just enough for one person…

Ruang provides clean towels, but do bring your own toiletries… anyway if you forget to bring yours, it is ok, there are shops about 5-minutes away…


I like the mattresses on the split level area because it comes covered in mosquito netting.. it also looks romantic and so cozy… but that’s not all.. I have to say I love the fresh laundered bedding etc as well… there is nothing worse then unclean bedding at some homestays…

There is even a snooker table and a foosball table available… and a café/restaurant that opens only on weekends…


We had a simple barbecue there in the evening.. and I was blessed to have my team members cook delicious food for me.. I could have died happy then and there….

The next morning, we had some Nasi Lemak for breakfast which Zack, the manager of the place got for us…

Three of my team mates got really brave and headed to the stream to take some pictures as well as get wet…


But well, as it always is… all good things or good times must come to an end, and soon it was time to leave, and we sadly packed our bags and left feeling kinda forlorn yet relieved to be getting home to everyday craziness and WiFi… lol


Still, Ruang at Janda Baik is a unique homestay you really have to check out and enjoy… with your colleagues, friends and family..

For more info on Ruang at Janda Baik, do check out  

Address – 13, Kg Sum Sum Hilir (18.59 km)
28750 Kampung Janda Baik, Pahang

6 thoughts on “RUANG at JANDA BAIK

  1. This is certainly an insta worthy place. I love nature and rivers. Will certainly ask my family to get together here.
    Gonna share this article and tag them 😀
    Thank u miera 🙂


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