Luminous Forest at the Lost World of Tambun this CNY


Ever since I heard of it’s existence when I was over at the Lost World of Tambun a few weeks ago with the Influenzas team, I had been curious and dying to catch at glimpse of the ‘Luminous Forest’ – an enchanting landmark transformed into an extraordinary luminous landscape where trees come to life and creatures of the night come out to play in the soft glow of the night, evoking a childlike sense of joy and wonder in those who explore it. The ‘Luminous Forest’ was well launched in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities…

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We were there to check out the new place after it was launched at the ballroom of the Lost World Hotel because of the incessant rain… When the launch with colourful LED lion dance and qilin was over…


Members of the media and other guests were all invited to the entrance of the Luminous Forest, which was via the Bridge of Luminosa that floats on the Swan Lake, which is the only gateway that will transports you from the normal realm into the magical forest….


Take a stroll and be respectful of your surroundings and mother nature… and you will come to where Mother Sophea, a 400-year old willow-like tree that has a magical connection with all living creatures resides. The Malayana tribe believes that the tree spreads magical seeds to illuminate the forest and maintain a balance among the living creatures, while the Laka Falls carry a luminous substance that the Makalani uses to produce remarkable healing elixirs….

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You will definitely be mesmerized by the phenomenal sight of the many magical live-in creatures with one of them being Shadowfang, a 16-feet long centipede that protects the forest with its vigilant eyes as well as the gorgeous butterfly at the Garden of Light…

You will find exotic flowers in peculiar shapes and sizes that glimmer in the dark, pollen drifting in the air like pixie dust, exotic species of insects and animals lurking in the bioluminescent forest.

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Continue in to the Malayana Throne, where the Chief Kukuntalu resides and rules the land in a just and fair manner with his gorgeous wife, and errr… two adult but playful kids… you will meet at the waterfall before the Malayana Throne… and of course, Eshno, Chief Kukuntalu’s more handsome brother…ehemmm….


Then you will meet the tribe elder Makalani at the Wapi Springs, and well, be nice and polite to him and he might give you a nice luminescent pebble which you can throw into the Wapi Springs…  because, well, legend says that those who throw a stone in it will have their wishes come true. I made a wish there and I hope it will come true… huhuhu…

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Your adventure in the Luminous Forest ends at the Toadstool Field where the Malayana tribe believes that the glowing mushrooms has healing abilities to nurse the sick and wounded back to health… guarded by a giant ladybug which has been cursed for being greedy…

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Nurul Nuzairi Mohd Azahari, General Manager of Lost World Of Tambun said, “Luminous Forest was created to spark our guests’ imagination of what lies within this undiscovered otherworldly realm, drifting them into a whimsical excursion through a luminous journey in Lost World Of Tambun’s natural terrains. It will reveal pockets of illuminated magic, unusual species and other incredible sights. Expect an unforgettable and enthralling cruise into Luminous Forest as the night unfolds in astonishing ways. I hope many people would take this opportunity to come to Lost World Of Tambun to celebrate the Chinese New Year festivities and experience our Luminous Forest, truly a world on its own in a beautiful luminous landscape – it is a moment of pause, wonder and play within a mystical environment.”

Other exciting adventures during the Chinese New Year festive season awaits! Anticipate an amazing line-up of shows and activities from the upbeat Luminous Lunar Dance, A Luminous Affair Show, Chief Kukuntalu treasure giveaway, and Fortune Time with God of Prosperity! Guests can put their wishes on the Wishing Wall, test balancing skills at the Grandmaster Chopstick, catch lucky coins at the Go Gold Adventure or Count the Lucky Stars at Luminous Alley for a chance to win a special prize.

Luminous Forest is the newest addition at Lost World Of Tambun’s Ultimate Night Park Experience, adding to the existing the Lost World Hot Springs & Spa By Night and Lost World Petting Zoo By Night attractions.

For more details on Lost World Of Tambun, call +605 542 8888, visit or connect to its Facebook page at

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