Fast Food Feast at Citta Mall


So yours truly was over at Citta Mall to check out two of their food outlets with friends… Citta Mall is a pretty interesting place because stepping foot there reminds me of going in shopping in the United States of America… yeappp… Citta Mall really does resemble your quintessential American strip mall, with an open-air configuration with an emphasis on space… and I were there to check out both Mikey’s Original New York Pizza and Marrybrown…


Mikey’s Original New York Pizza is an authentic New York style pizza parlor is a staple of New York.. Stepping in the doors, you are surrounded by New York paraphernalia.


Pictures of NYC landmarks: Yankee stadium, Broadway, taxi cabs, Central Park, and more. All these adorn the walls, and street signs of famed New York streets mark the tables.

Mikey’s encourage you to indulge and enjoy your food using your hands..

They serve up: New York Pies, various waffle fries, boneless buffalo wings, pasta and sandwiches. The Pizzas here are pretty generous in size.. 18” but you can just order what you want by the slice. I got the chance to sample a portion of their menu…


For thirst quenching, I ordered an AW Root Beer Float (RM8.95)… it comes with a can of AW Root Beer and is so refreshing as expected..


We had 8 assorted slices of pizzas served to us…

…as well as some Bronx 2.0 waffle fries with shredded mozzarella cheddar cheese and spicy beef bolognaise (RM17.88)…


We also got to try their boneless Buffalo wings. The Boneless Buffalo Chicken (RM14.88) are really yummy… but since I am not a fan of blue cheese, I did not so like the pungent dressing… However, if you don’t mind the blue cheese, you might like to try it since my friends said it was good…  However, you can also choose the  boneless BBQ Chicken which has been beautifully deep fried with traditional spicy signature Mikey’s BBQ sauce (RM14.88)


You can also try one of Mikey’s Heroes. We got to try out the Cliff’s Philly Cheese Steak (RM19.88) . Cliff’s Philly Cheese Steak is made from sliced beef with marinated mushrooms, caramelized onions and peppers and yes, the filling is pretty generous..


When it comes to pizza, we were bowled over when we were served a whole pie of pizza consisting of 8 different flavours…

Pizza Bianco (RM13.88per slice) is a pale looking pizza that makes use of olive oil instead of tomato sauce and made from four-cheese and topped with fresh ricotta cheese, and has a tinge of garlic in the finish…. love this….



Mama’s Wild Mushroom (RM14.88 per slice) came served with a generous variety of mushrooms and tangy tomato sauce, and well, yours truly just cannot resist mushrooms….

The Tony Soprano  (RM17.88 per slice) made with chunky sauce, mozzarella, and olive oil and generously topped with meatballs, steak, pepperoni and roasted peppers.

The Classic New York Pizza(RM9.95 per slice)  is the most basic and is served topped with chunky tomato sauce and finely grated cheese as the topping but it is just good…

We saw and were contemplating the 9-1-1 pizza (RM16.88 per slice)  touted as the spiciest pizza in Asia and they really weren’t kidding about it since the pizza looks super spicy on its own.. with birds eyes chillies all scattered on it… but none of us dare to take the challenge and order it… So how about some spicy pizza challenge… if you dare…

Mikey’s New York Pizza is located G-21 (Ground Floor) at Citta Mall and opened every day from 10am to 10pm.


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Our next stop after Mikey’s New York pizza was Marrybrown…. Marrybrown is a Malaysian-based halal-certified fast food restaurant established in 1981 with more 130 restaurants locally.


We were there to challenge our taste buds with their new Nasi Lemak Burger…


It is surely very unique and there’s actually rice in the burger, lol…. thus it actually is a Nasi Lemak Burger. Besides the rice, you will find sambal, cucumber slices, egg slices, fried chicken nestled between the burger buns…


The set came with some errr… sambal fries and a cup of Fanta Strawberry. I enjoy eating the fries as it’s not soggy and too tough. Surprisingly the sambal, anchovies and peanuts actually make the fries taste pretty nice…


So do check out Marrybrown at G-33 & G-33A (Ground Floor) and their nasi lemak burger set….

By the time we were done with our fast food… we were so super stuffed… and I was beginning to feel like a python who swallowed a whole goat or chicken or something… lol…

There are many amazing eateries in Citta Mall, so be sure to drop by there and explore when you can..  there is bound to be something that will tempt your taste buds…


17 thoughts on “Fast Food Feast at Citta Mall

  1. Og the two outlets, I always patronise Marrybrown in Ipoh, so that’s common for me. Mikey’s Original New York Pizza, however, is new and the large pizzas are impressive!


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