The Southern Boutique Hotel, Penang


So yours truly, The Influenzas team members and Penang blogger, the gorgeous Lia Hasty were over at the Southern Boutique Hotel, which was almost on the Penang Road stretch itself, since it was just right behind some shophouses there… at the top most part of Muntri Street…


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It is definitely a lovely and affordable heritage boutique accommodation featuring modern contemporary air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi and super comfortable beddings..


I shared a room with Lia and our room was the Deluxe Double room and pretty cosy with windows and even a door that opened to the corridor outside…


 There is also a flat-screen TV with satellite channels in the room on the wall, and hangers, etc…


The rooms come with a private bathroom with free basic toiletries, and one which honeymooners can titillate each other’s senses with strip teases and such.. and let their inner exhibitionist out with the glass walls… or if you need privacy, then just pull the curtains to close the glass walls… I have to say I love the bathroom too… except for the fact the water does take a little longer to drain…


just fyi, this room has been slept in… hahaha… 

There are 3 kinds of rooms… the Superior Double room, the Deluxe Double and a Family Room – which can accomodate 4 people…


The whole hotel from it’s facade to its interior are seriously instagram worthy and so pretty.. sorry, but being a social media influencer, and blogger I learned to keep an eye out for pretty areas to take pictures at.. and the first thing that caught our eyes was the corridors along the hotel, after the exterior..


I really love the hotel which beautifully maintained the original colonial style building… and traditional tiles, and even an antique signboard of the previous hotel that was there ages ago, ‘Lum Fong Hotel’ near the reception… but which offers modern comfort to their guests..


There is even a lounge on the first floor of the hotel, where you can hang out with friends, chit chat and have some hot drinks or water which are practically on free flow…


..and even a roof garden you can hang out at or smoke.. lol

Another thing to love about this hotel is it is just within walking distance to plenty of things… I can walk to the Cheong Fatt Tze Blue Mansion which is just a few houses away, or I can even walk to the E O Hotel.. Chowrasta Market, Mydin, Nasi Kandar  Line Clear, Hameediya Murtabak, Purrfect Cat Cafe, Love Lane, and all are just walking distance away…

My friends and I walked to Love Lane and had the Old Trafford burger there for supper and it was highly recommended and yummy…


Overall, yes, I would highly recommend this lovely and picturesque hotel to local and foreign tourists who enjoy heritage buildings and modern comforts…. and there is just a convenience shop right next door to the hotel for you to get snacks, drinks, or any neccessities…

Address – 108 Jalan Muntri, 10200 Penang

Website –

11 thoughts on “The Southern Boutique Hotel, Penang

  1. The room design is really unique. Will be traveling to Penang soon. Guess i know where to book for my stay when i am there. Thanks!


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