Taste of Japan 2018


Ever since my cousin introduced me to Japanese food several years ago, I became a huge fan… and naturally it was enhanced when I had my chance of visiting Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka over the years and tasting the fresh and abundant assortment of Japanese food and snacks there… and it just so happens that, well, we happen to be quite lucky that it is pretty easy to find ramen, sushi or shabu-shabu here in Malaysia. But did you know there is just so much more to learn and know about these delicacies.

So with that in mind, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries recently held an exclusive experience session on Japanese cuisine at the Cooking Studio at Starhill Gallery and I was there….


This exclusive experience session was joined by students studying culinary arts in YTL International College of Hotel Management, tutors, as well as top chefs in hotels and restaurants at Kuala Lumpur and offered invited guests the rare opportunity to delve into different cooking methods and ingredients revolve around Japanese cuisine as well as get a hands-on experience in Japanese cuisine along with a master chef, Takuji Takahashi-san.


The session started with Japanese cooking demonstration by Mr Takahashi. Originally from Kyoto, he’s a chef of Kyoto Kinobu, a one-Michelin starred restaurant in Kyoto.

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Being a Washoku ambassador,  Takahashi-san shared the different cooking methods of Japanese cuisine as well as the attraction of Japanese ingredients.


There was also an interesting talk session when I was there with the chef himself as well as Mr Cheong Cherng Long, a local but top chef from Sushi Oribe, one of the most famous Japanese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur which is known for its high quality sushi.


But yours truly had been salivating since getting a whiff of the food Takahashi-san had been preparing and was like the person who won the jackpot when at last… we were given the chance to experience and enjoy the Japanese delicacies demonstrated by Takahashi-san and if you are askong me, it tasted exactly as good as I coild imagine, well at least if you know how to appreciate Japanese cuisine… lol…

For more information, do email n.akashi@sp-ring.co.jp



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