ESCAPE – Adventure Play Park, Penang


Before this, I heard plenty about ESCAPE theme park but have never had a chance to visit.. ESCAPE is an adventure and environmentally friendly theme park ideal for anyone age 6 to 60….

It is a perfect place to escape from the busy city life and get in touch with your inner child, as well as mother nature… If you are visiting ESCAPE Adventure Play Park for the first time, you will definitely be at awe at how they take the trouble to build an amazing theme park around the trees and you can even find plants on the roof of the buildings too… and ESCAPE actually takes the trouble to harvests rain water for washing and cleaning….

There are sooo many activities – about 20 over activities which are well-staffed by staff and guides to maximise safety…

And one full day is hardly ebough to play everything in the park…

So with our personal tour guide Lia, as well as the lovely Penang blogger Lia Hasty who joined us for this (yup… we had two Lias here), we headed to the first stop which was the Tubby Racer…


The team lugged up their tyre-seats to the top of the hill before sliding down on the tyre-seats…


They certainly had plenty of fun.. though it is important to keep your arms and legs inside since someone on our team accidently stuck his elbow out and got slightly skinned.. However, he was whisked away to the mini clinic and had a doctor attend to him and was out with a plaster and a smile before we knew it…

The next activity was the Aerobat… where our some of the team members challenged themselves at their arms’ strenght and body flexibility since that was a flying Trapeze kinda activity…


There was even a performance by the professionals at about 2pm…

Once done, everyone went for a little quick lunch at the canteen… the food here is so so and pricey as expected of most Themed Parks…


Once done, we headed to A-Maze where 6 of us, myself included headed inside a dark and narrow “cave” or tunnel where we were given two torches and had to crawl through the maze until we found our way out… Some of us got lost and had to resort to our smart phone torch light… thank god for smartphones… hahaha…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then most of our team members headed up to the Monkey Business challenge… some on Level 2 and others on Level 3…


Before splitting up for the Kite Flyer as well as the Flying Lemur…


I was on the Flying Lemur/zip lining team.. as I thought it was more fun but the hike up the hill wasn’t that fun.. not when you were already half exhausted..

Before we began the Flying Lemur, we were briefed by the staff about the do and don’t and also safety precaution. Flying Lemur is a game which we can enjoy flying fox to the maximum with 3 different levels of zip-lines. There were 3 tracks available, and we crazily enough went on all.. some of the tracks had obstacles on it as well and the last track had us zip lining  way above the park and enjoying a bird’s eye view of many interesting sights…


Like I mention, one day ain’t quite enough to enjoy all ESCAPE Adventure Play has to offer… and it is an amazing place close to nature that challenges us to the extreme with plenty of fun…

And yes… I so want to visit here again…in future….Thanks Lia for the hospitality and to ESCAPE for hosting us….


Address: 828, Jalan Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang.

Tel: 04 – 881 1106



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