ESCAPE – WaterPlay Park, Penang


ESCAPE is indeed an amazing adventure play theme park found in Penang. Created and designed by a successful Penang-born international theme park designer, it is the reflection of his childhood growing up on the island itself… Located just right next door to Enthopia and near the Teluk Bahang Dam, it takes about 30 minutes to drive up from Georgetown…

ESCAPE is the playground for our inner child, so when you are here, you are expected to loosen up, and go wild…

You are expected to bring your spirit of adventure, a cap or hat and sunglasses, and well put on light comfortable clothing for sports activities and wear a good pair of sport shoes..

It totally does not matter if you’re six or 60, because ESCAPE is meant for everyone..


I was there with the Influenzas team for 2 days and I have to say 2 days is not quite enough to play everything as ESCAPE is pretty BIG..

We started our playtime at the brand new WaterPlay park as it was drizzling and since it was wet, we figured we should just get wetter… Accompanied by one of ESCAPE’s staff members, Lia we entered the water park, after changing and dumping our clothes at the lockers..

There is lockers available for rent.. I think it is about RM15 and you have to rent it with a Escape code which you can get from the vending machine on a little receipt paper, the good thing is you can open and close your locker for multiple times with the code…just keep the code safe.. I am a little blurry about this because I did not get my own locker but instead kept my stuff in one of my team member’s locker… hehehe…

Anyway, upon entrance to the WaterPlay area, you will come across the Waveball,a huge wave pool on the left with a huge blue ball, bobbing merrily, somewhat crazily in the water…it is this nonstop movement of that ball which creates the waves in the pool.

On the right, is another pool where you can find Atan’s Jump, Atan’s Swing…


…and the Banana Flip… and some of my team mates just could not wait to take the challenge of playing this… It can be freaky and you will hear primal screams as the water slides launch people into the air and send them flying into a 5m deep pool… and yes, the impact can be a bit painful.. but oh so worth it according to my team mates..

The initial drop is almost vertical and will launch you into the air with enough velocity to keep you flying for a couple of seconds before you smack into the pool of water….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Tubby Rapids and Tubby Tunnel were definitely plenty of fun as well…

The Mega Drop slide in pink and white was also plenty of fun…


…and we just could not resist challenging each other to see who arrives fastest or furthest on the colourful Speed Racer….


And well.. the overgrown kids cannot resist even the Play House….


For those wanting to see how far they can go.. and pretend they are on the American Ninja Warrior Game Show.. try out the AK Academy…


My team mates could not resist a game of beach volleyball at the Volleyball Court before proceeding to dunk the losing team in the little dunk the person corner nearby…


After playing and getting slightly exhausted, we decided to just get bouyant in the Waveball pool and posed for pictures there… since the ESCAPE theme park has designated photographers going around taking pictures of everyone and posting it up on Facebook.. which is such a refreshing change unlike other theme parks that charge you an arm and a leg for souvenir photos…


And that was… the end of our first day or our visit to ESCAPE WaterPlay Park….

Overall, despite the drizzle, we did have so much fun there… so if you are asking if it is worth a visit.. the answer is hell, yeah!!!

Will continue the story at the ESCAPE AdventurePlay Park……


Address: 828, Jalan Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang.

Tel: 04 – 881 1106



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