Da Som Inn, Melaka


I was pondering where I was going to stay when planning for my Melaka trip when I happen across Da Som Inn…


Melaka has always been one of my favourite towns as it is such an interesting and beautiful contrast of a heritage rich town which is also modern in its own ways…


And Da Som Inn is housed at an old but well maintained building within the Dutch Settlement area (tracing it’s roots back to the 1600s) with the unique 200 feet long, thick wall and underground sewerage pipes.


I for one am at awe at the building which has witnessed so much changes along the course of history from the Melaka sultanate right up to today.. and although it has been refurbished, renovated, Da Som Inn is a lovely and pretty homey hotel you will definitely feel comfortable in… for I, myself sure did…


If you are wondering as I did, Da Som means “Pure Love” in the Korean language and it was managed and ran by a Korean man whose wife cooked for the restaurant… However, the couple left and sold off the premises to the current owner who continued with the hotel but discontinued the restaurant…

So.. it brings me to the question.. oh where is my Da Som… lol…


Ok.. anyway, the hotel or rather the original building was built with 3 air wells… and the hotel rooms are both equipped with air conditioning and also a ceiling fan…


My room came with a super comfy bed as well as comfortable duvet and pillows as well as an attached bathroom, mini refrigerator, fan, air conditioning, bottled water, flat LCD TV, table and chairs.


They also have some pretty spacious family rooms, if you are coming with your family…


You can also access the complimentary internet access or WiFi. And your stay comes with a pretty generous variety of breakfast (for a homestay/boutique hotel) will be served in the lobby /dining area…

There is also a free flow of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, water and some snacks available 24/7 for guests….

What I really love about Da Som Inn is that the management and staff are just so super friendly and dedicated.. I arrived in Melaka late and I did inform the manager I would be arriving late, but what I did not expect was that he would actually be waiting for me at 1am in the morning..



Another reason to love Da Som Inn is because it is just so perfectly and strategically located along the Jalan Tukang Emas (Goldsmith Street), Melaka, in what would be the most diversified settlements and the places of worship that came with it… which is the 237 years old Sri Poyyatha Vinayagar Moorthi temple (1781); 270 years old Kampung Kling mosque (1748) which is exactly right in front of the hotel…, and the 373 years old Cheng Hoon Teng temple (1645) on the same street within 1 to 2 minutes walking distance from each other….

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I woke up early in the morning and wandered around the neighbouring lanes and found the Geographer Cafe.. then I ventured to the other side where Jonker Street was located and wandered along the Sunday weekend antique bazaar… before heading across the road to Christ Church (1753) and The Stadthuys (1650), as well as the Porta de Santiago aka A Famosa fortress (1511) and St Paul’s Hill at the back…

There are many other places you can visit such as the Islamic Museum, the Stamp Museum, Dataran Pahlawan Mall, the Hard Rock Cafe Melaka, and even the multi storey H&M boutique… and the amazing thing is they are all like just a mere 5 to 10 minutes walk away from Da Som Inn…


So I chose to stay at Da Som Inn for the convenience, and I enjoy the warmth, cosiness and homeliness of the place and I will definitely come back again for the great service…

Add- 28, Jalan Tukang Emas, 75200 Melaka

Website- www.dasominnmelaka.com

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