G-Force X and Bungy Jumping at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

The G-Force X is an anti-gravity machine located in the Extreme Park, Sunway Lagoon… That is if you are brave enough to give it a go…


I was kind of challenged by my team mates as well as the management of Sunway Theme Parks, so… between having to choose between bungy jumping and the G-Force X and well, I chose the G-Force X, of course….
Before getting on the ride, we had to sign a disclaimer form as usual… and then the few of us were nervously shuffling on our feets as we watch a couple of our team mates sitting down in the steel ball capsule, get restrained before the ball is rolled skyward facing… err… gulp…


Then it was our turn… I did it with my youngest team mate Ash…


There are two seats to a capsule so you need a partner to do it together.., then the countdown begins and the capsule is launched into the sky taking its riders from 0 to 120 kilometres per hour in two seconds…



You will then experience the sensation of weightlessness but it is soon replaced by the combination of amusement and fear as the capsule kinda bounces up and down and somersaults over before slowing down before it is then lowerrd back to the ground and secured safely in place….. and we just felt like repeating the experience because it was just soooo much fun…


My thrill seeking team mates then decided they had to bungy jump.. and we all climbed all the way up to the world’s longedy pedestrian suspension bridge gasping for oxygen… ok.. overdoing the drama a bit but nevertheless… the climb up had us panting…

Even stepping in the suspension bridge was enough to terrify us since it is 21 metre high and we could see right through the wooden planks of the bridge to the lake below.. we walked nervously to the quarter length of the bridge where the Jump Platform where those who had signed the waiver form and had their weigh written on their hands got strapped in…

Watch Syahmi’s bungy jump here


A couple of my team mates almost had 2nd thoughts on going but eventually bravely took the leap of faith…


You should expect to feel the experience and fear of falling straight into the water before the 100% latex rubber cord breaks your fall and rebounds you back up… until the cord stops swinging and the rubber lifeboat below comes to your “rescue” by untying you and letting you get your bearings back after the few minutes dangling upside down..


Rest assured that the bungy jumps here at the Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park is conducted by qualified Jump Masters in accordance with the international code practice of Bungy Jumping…

So the question is.. do you dare to challenge yourself and try these games out… hehehe…

1) Bungy Jumping: RM160 for MyKad holders, RM276 for non-MyKad holders
2) G-Force X Duo: RM64 for MyKad holders, RM128 for non-MyKad holders
3) Combo Bungy + G-Force X Duo:  RM202 for MyKad holders, RM320 for non-MyKad holders

If you do, just head over to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park for your Best Day Ever….

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Address: 3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya

Website : https://sunwaylagoon.com/


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