Melaka Zoo and Night Safari, Melaka


The Melaka Zoo is located in Ayer Keroh, Melaka.. It is on your left before you arrive in Melaka town, if you are entering from the Ayer Keroh toll plaza.. and it is said to be the second-largest zoo in Malaysia behind the National Zoo of Malaysia, and well, I guess it is a reasonably large, at 22 hectares….


It is said that the zoo is pretty old, and has been around since the 1960s…


If you love nature, you’d like the natural surroundings, which are pretty part natural tropical vegetation, supposedly to give a simulated forest habitat ambience for the animals and visitors too…


There is a reasonably good selection of animals in the zoo… Most of them which have been selected from around region and mostly used to our Malaysian weather humidity…


The animals look pretty reasonably well kept and the zoo would be a nice place to bring your kids, nices or nephews or even your friend’s kids so they can see how a real wild animal looks like…


I had a friend’s daughter in tow and she was delighted to see many of the animals, though a little but more scared of some of the others.. and it was delightful to see the little angel’s excitement…


However, if you were to ask my personal opinion, the zoo needs a lot of improvement to be world class like the Singapore Zoo or Beijing Zoo.. however you have to forgive me since I have been a bit well traveled with some of the top zoo destinations from San Diego zoo, London zoo, Rotterdam zoo, Dublin zoo, Belfast zoo, Perth zoo, Beijing zoo and Singapore zoo in my list of zoos visited…. so am a bit more jaded.. but then again, not all of us can afford to visit those places… and I really strongly believe the zoo is a great place to bring the youngsters to let them see a real wild animal up close…. so why not check out the Melaka Zoo…


However, even I have to admit I really was pleasantly surprised to see a bob cat in the Melaka Zoo… heheh as well as some other rare animals…


For more info, check out and

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