Rentas Adventures’ Ropeswing at Kuala Kubu Baru


So having been challenged by some of my influencer buddies, yours truly here who was suppose to be a back up jumper for another influencer who could not make it decided to go ahead and take the plunge…

The Ropeswing jump is from a bridge in Kuala Kubu Baru, not too far from the dam… from a height of about 60 metres in between two hills with a small river stream.. which made the whole activity both picturesque yet scary.. so a few friends and I were there to take the challenge as well as scare ourselves silly with the jump…


Well, basically the Ropeswing is an extreme sports activity kinda similar to Bungee Jumping except where Bungee Jumping but instead of free falling with your legs tied to the elastic cord and hanging upside down for a few minutes until someone rescues you and pull you down, the Ropeswing allows you to experience the terror of falling all the way down before the cable finally halts your fall and starts to swing back and forth … giving you the feeling like being Tarzan in the jungle.. hehehe… at least that was how I felt…

I know I seemed calm when I got on the platform.. but deep inside I was somewhat quaking despite my brave front…


The moment the countdown began and the knot tying you to the platform was release, there was only one way and it was down… and it was probably the scariest moment, as I felt like a rock dropping all the way down..


But when the cable which can hold up to 120kg supports your fall and you start to swing… the terror turns to sheer euphoria and thrill…

It is when you stop swinging when the safety people on top will gently release the cable tying you down, down, down until you reach the zip line tied across the river… You have to catch hold of that line and lock your carabiner on to it before the staff below will pull you in to safe grounds/land via the zip line…

From the zip line after you get your balance back, you have to take a 10 minute hike up the hill and back to the top of the bridge.. which is probably the hardest thing in the whole activity.. hahaha

But seriously if you ask me, yes, I would sooooo do it all over again in a heart beat… it is so much fun…



Rest assured the Ropeswing Activity is managed by Rentas Adventures, a team of outdoor specialists who organises various exciting activities that includes plenty of exciting adventures activities such as hammocking, including the highest hammock camp in Malaysia, cave exploration, mountain hiking and many more and they are also planning on doing bungee jumping as well as a pretty long flying fox/zip line activity, which are in the pipeline at the same area in near future…

For further details on this, you can contact them via their phone, 014 265 0526; their email, or through their IG




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