Taman Tamadun Islam / Islamic Civilisation Park, Kuala Terengganu


The Taman Tamadun Islam or the Islamic Civilization Park features recreations of historic mosques, minarets & religious sites.


Here you will get to see 23 great Islamic monuments/ mosques ( models/ replicas) learn a little on their history via the notice board or even a mini theatre and museum for a few of these religious sites…


The 23 Islamic architectural wonders recreated in the park are the National Mosque, Malaysia; Kudus Al Minar, Indonesia; Pattani Mosque, Thailand; Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, Brunei; Taj Mahal, India; Badshahi Mosque, Pakistan; Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem; Grand Mosque of Samara, Iraq; Lutfallah Mosque, Iran; Mausoleum of Abu Nasr Parsa, Afghanistan; The Sacred Mosque, Saudi Arabia; Aleppo Citadel, Syria; Mohammad Ali Mosque, Egypt; The Prophet’s Mosque, Saudi Arabia; Suleyman Mosque, Turkey; Al Hambra Citadel, Spain; Kalyan Minaret, Uzbekistan; Agadez Grand Mosque, Niger; Kul Sharif Mosque, Russia; Minaret of Xian, China; Sultan Mosque, Singapore; Great Mosque of Qairawan, Tunisia and the Water Wheel


Some of these monuments are even no longer in existence in real life such as the Citadel of Aleppo from Syria.


You can take a slow walk around the park or choose to take a buggy or tram for a faster and less tiring tour….
The rides will incur some additional charges and comes with a tour guide.



You can get a package which includes entrance fee and a ferry river tour while tucking in to the traditional meal of a simple packed Nasi Dagang set and drinks while the boat takes you a guided trip along the panoramic yet unpolluted Terengganu River to Pulau Duyung, Seberang Takir, Pulau Warisan and Pasar Payang and even take a peek at the London Tower Bridge.. eh.. I mean the new and upcoming Terengganu Bridge, which is modeled after the London Tower Bridge, and which will be a bascule bridge or drawbridge that can open to let ships or boats through……


The tour will pause for a moment for you to drink in the sight of the magnificent and glittering Crystal Mosque which has been majestically constructed with crystal shine glass and steel overlooking the scenic Terengganu River… There is no denying it is an iconic splendour and pride of Terengganu…



The Islamic Civilization Park coupled with the Crystal Mosque is definitely is set to become the preferred destination in Malaysia and even perhap the world… but they are also in need of proper care and loving maintenance to stay so… still it is a place you really should not miss when in Kuala Terengganu..


Address- Pulau Wan Man, Lorong Panglima Perang, 21000 Kuala Terengganu

Website – http://www.tti.com.my/


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