Alive Museum and Playtime! Video Games Park at Sky Avenue, Resorts World Genting…

There is something fascinating about 3D museums that bring out the kid in us…


Alive Museum on the 4th floor of the Sky Avenue is a pretty much fun place to be as it brings you to different parts of the world and also the universe (with outerspace and milky way)…

It sure is a whole load of good clean fun to have with your friends and family members and you will not be able to resist taking pictures with the 3D art there..


The influenzas team and I had just so much fun when we enter the Alive Museum and found ourselves in the Artic, some tropical beach, Korean garden, and even in outerspace etc.


The gorgeous artwork is said to be commissioned by artists from South Korea with beautiful care and details on every picture… and oh gosh…


.. how can you resist that motorcade parade in front of the Palace with famous celebrity figures such as Gong Yoo and Song Joong Ki etc… or declare your love at the love corner…


Once you have finished exploring what is there at Sky Avenue, you might like to head over to the Playtime Video Games Park where there are just so many arcade games and machines to let your inner child loose at…

You might like to try the 3D VR games.. or any other games or just let loose yourself at the dance machine or basketball which is a pretty great way to relieve your stress…


The highlight of the PlayTime! Video Games Park would be the brand new SpaceTime Squad Virtual Reality game, one which you cannot miss since it is just a little to the left when you enter the PlayTime! Video Games Park…

This game will take you on a crazy ride with only a laser canon to protect you. Once, the VR glasses are on, you’re in for the fight of your life…


Be sure to stay alert as there are evil robot destroyers trying to attack you from every side. Do try your best to shoot down the boss to advance to the next level.. my Influenzas team members friends definitely could not get enough of it…


Fancy a good dance workout or just to hone up your dancing skills or even show off a bit??.. You can dance to your heart’s content with Danz Base with the variety of songs you can select from..

For another great and fun arm work out… try shooting as many basketballs as you can with Shooting Hoops! within the given time frame…

The games here at the PlayTime! Video Games Park can only be played by swiping the EziCash card which you can get at the counters….

PlayTime! Video Games Park, Level 4, SkyAvenue

Opening Times: 10.00am to 10.00pm 

For more information, call +603 6101 1118 or visit

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