Refarm Kampar, Perak


It was drizzling when we got off the bus at Refarm, and my feelings was sinking and going,”Oh no!” but fortunately after about 10 minutes the drizzle and the rain stopped…

Refarm is a 26-acres environmental friendly recreational farm located a little bit on the outskirts of Kampar, surrounded by lush green hills and forests… It is just approximately 4km from Kampar town, located somewhere along the route towards Temoh & Tapah town.


There is a waterfall from the hills which the farm uses to supply fresh water to the crops and animals including the chicken, fish and goats at Refarm through a 1.2km piping system…


There are just so many activities you can immerse yourself in or get a hands on such as tapping rubber, cycling, jogging and even planting organic vegetables, and fruits or let the kiddies try their hands on fishing at the designated area… and also feed fish, chicken, goats, rabbits, turtles and swans…


There is also a Pedal Boat to go around the little pool area.. and a huge swimming pool with fresh water from the hills…


And yes, Refarm even has a variety of different accomodations for rent as well…

Choose from :-


The Cave – 2 pax only… The room is built by using a 7ft x 7ft Huge Cement Covert which the whole room is in round shape, is an innovative design;


The Brick – 6 pax.. Additional bed is available for maximum up to 1 person only;


The Cabin – 4 pax.. This room actually a huge Container Box with an environmental friendly concept. Additional bed is available for maximum up to 1 person only

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…or you can also choose to stay at the Villa which consists of two rooms, ideal for 6 pax. The villa comes with Air conditioning, Mini bar, Shower heater, Hair dryer, Toiletries, Television and also a Private pool…


Animal lovers and kids would love their mini zoo there with horses, rabbits, goats, tortoise and so on…


Refarm also produces their own Organic Fertilizer to grow their crops using animals and plants’ excrement and residue which are then recycled and turned into manure through fermentation process… personally I found this applaudable as it is an amazing concept of recycling with no thoughtless wastage… in line with their own motto…

Since they grow their own vegetables and fruits here, the low quality vegetables and fruits are used as animal feed whereas the fresh and good quality ones are sent to the restaurant, so yes, the dishes ordered at the restaurant are all directly from the farm via the Refarm’s farm-to-table concept…

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We headed to the restaurant after our farm tour and had a pretty sumptuous lunch there with some Steamed River Catfish /Patin served with Soy Sauce, Fried Tilapia Fish served with Batong Sauce, Basil Leaves  Egg Soup , Kangkong Belacan, Deep Fried Squid, Foo Yong Egg, and Sizzling Taufu….


The dishes were all fresh and definitely super tasty…

Opening Hours (Leisure Farm) -Wed – Mon: 9:00AM – 6:00PM

Closed on Tuedays except Public Holidays or School Holidays.

Tel: +60125026115




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