Lemon Garden’s Six Speciality Chefs at Shangri-La Hotel KL


Lemon Garden at Shangri-La has to be one of the best place to go for a sumptuous buffet spread and it never disappoints…


I was lucky to get to indulge my tastebuds and appetite there and also meet 6 of their very distinguished speciality chefs, who together offered a kaleidoscope of the choiciest and yummiest international buffet signature dishes ranging from Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western, Japanese and Dessert…


From the very decadent and lavish buffet spread guaranteed to satisfy even the most picky or fussy eater, there are just so many delicious dishes I could not wait to sink my teeth in…


And some of those were of course, these 6 chef’s speciality dishes.  From the Malay Kitchen, Chef Mustafa Kamal created his signature Rendang Tok Perak.. It is a spicy beef stew painstakingly cooked with various spices and a must have during major Muslim festivities and celebrations…

Then there was the Murgh Kasumethri, a chicken dish made with Fenugreek leaves from Chef Devender Singh’s mom’s recipe…


The Chinese Kitchen serves up a very nutritious and piping hot Double Boiled Chinese Herbal Soup with Chinese herbs, chicken stock and fresh succulent black chicken which has been meticulously prepared by Chef Au Yong Guan…


Japanese food fans should not miss out on Japanese Head Chef Nao Takeshita’s Big Seafood Roll… it is a Maki Sushi Roll and considered a ‘Good Luck roll’ in Japan where it is believed to bring good luck to those who eat it… well.. good luck is good.. but I already feel fortunate getting to try the dish itself… as it is just so fresh and yummy…


From the Executive Chef Olivier Pistre himself, comes 3 speciality dishes, making the Western Kitchen even more tempting then ever… There is the Tortellini – made from small dough with a filling that originate from Bologna, Calzone – made from salted bread dough and stuffed with beef sausage, mozzarella, ricotta and pecorino cheese… and not forgetting the Cheese Raclette – a melted cheese dish served with small potatoes, gherkins, pickled onions and air dried meat, all made in the wood burning oven…


The Durian Croquembouche Peanut Nougatine with Sesame sounds formidable and is quite a mouthful to pronounce… and I was kinda skeptical about the dish also.. but being an adventurous person, I took one of it and tried it.. and oh no.. I ended up walloping 4 of it..


It is a famous French dessert uniquely prepared by Lemon Garden’s Chef Goh using Durian profiteroles piled into a cone and bound with peanut nougat and sesame seeds… but I would describe it as a combination of a cream puff, creme brulee and durian.. and so if you love durian and creme brulee, you really really really have to try this… I told this to a fellow Caucasian diner who was also kinda worried about trying it.. but after he did, he told me, he can relate to me walloping four of it… hahahah


And oh.. before I forget.. the signature dishes comes with some tent cards with a QR code.. now if you were to use your QR scanner and scanned these codes, you will be directed to some dedicated webpages with exclusive information such as introduction videos, chef profiles and even the recipe for the dish should you think you want to recreate this masterpiece at home…


These signature dishes are available daily for lunch and dinner as follows….

Lunch : RM135 nett per person – Monday to Friday; RM155 nett per person – Saturday and Public Holiday; RM175 nett per person – Sunday

Dinner: RM165 nett per person – Sunday to Thursday; RM218 nett per person – Friday and Saturday

For more information or to reserve, call 03 2074 3900 or email restaurantreservations.slkl@shangri-la.com or visit www.shangri-la-specials.com



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