Off the beaten path activities you can do in Kuala Lumpur

Bike with Elena


If you are keen to explore or see Kuala Lumpur in a totally different way, I will suggest that you should explore the city and the village within the city on a bicycle tour.. Sign yourself up on a slow relaxing tour with Bike with Elena…

Our adventure began at the KL City Gallery where we met up with Elena and her assistants/sweepers…


Everyone were told to install the oBike app and so we headed over to the whole bunch of oBike bicycles parked there at the oBike parking zone and got our bikes…


It is pretty convenient to use oBike for short trips, or even a one way trip. All you need to do is unlock it using the oBike App by scanning the QR code…

We were then briefed on what to expect, where we were going etc by Elena…

Once the briefing was over, we got on the bikes and followed Elena.


Starting from the KL City Gallery, to Merdeka Square, we were soon weaving through the back streets of Little India, and then all the way to Kampung Baru…


We stopped at a few places where Elena told us some background and stories off before heading back to the KL City Gallery…


At the end of the ride, we just parked our bike in the oBike parking area and lock it using the app..

It was a great morning workout with fun interesting stories and knowledge thrown in, things we did not even quite know about KL thrown in…


Malaysia Cartoon and Comic House


The Malaysia Cartoon and Comic House is located at the Taman Botani Perdana (KL Royal Lake Gardens).


It is a pretty fun and colourful gallery showcasing the history and development of cartoon and comics in Malaysia from the 1930s up to the present day.





You can find plenty of black and white and also colourful cartoons and comic strips on display, and the best thing is, many of them are actually original art work which had to be hand drawn and worded in the days before scanners made the job somewhat easier.


Fan of cartoons and comics will really enjoy this gallery …


…and if you or your kids or anyone want to try to learn how to be a cartoonist, they actually have weekly weekend classes for basic cartooning, so do check it out.

Opening Hours-
Monday to Friday   10 am to 4 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10 am to 5 pm
Closed on public holidays.

Address- Jalan Cenderasari, Taman Botani Perdana, 50480 KL

FB –
Blue pool/Dancing Fountain at River of Life


Do you know that the heart of Kuala Lumpur is where the two rivers, none other then the Gombak River and the Klang River meet.


The point is Y shaped and well it is just right where the Masjid Jamek mosque is located…

Back then many many years ago there were trees lining the banks and the water in the river was much clearer, cleaner and the Muslims T the mosque would go down to the river to do their ablutions…


Yours truly and the team from Gaya Travel and Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau were over there to check out the Blue Pool and Dancing Fountain at the River of Life, which had been a beautification and “clean up the river” project by the DBKL… Mists, lights and wind machines have been installed along the banks, and there are now pretty pedestrian walkways and bridges so that visitors can take a nice stroll at a leisurely pace while enjoying the beautiful sights….


Occasionally you will see mist and fog covering the river, said to be some chemicals to clean the river as well.. and at some designated time which is at an interval of 15 minutes between 9pm and 11pm, you can find fountain spurting out from little inlets throughout the sides of the riverbank… and we were there about 9.30pm I think and we got to see a wonderful dancing fountain performance to the theme song of Star Wars… err… go figure but it was fun and interesting for sure…this only happens at night so that you can also enjoy the lighting effect..

You really ought to visit if you’re in the area…

Address – Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur


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