24 hrs Food Trail at Resorts World Genting…

So yours truly was over at the Resorts World Genting again with my mini me as well as some of my Influenzas buddies…


We were there for a short break and to challenge ourselves to try to eat our way through the 24 hours food trail challenge thrown to us by Resorts World Genting…

So without further ado, allow me to share our food trail with you….

Day 1…

Boat Noodle


This was our first stop.. now if you are a fan of Thai street food, it is not easy to overlook Boat Noodle restaurant… They serve up those famous Thai-style rice noodles in tiny bite sized portion and it can be fun stacking up the bowls as you finish one bowl after another…


The rice noodles are available in 6 assortments from Beef and Chicken flavours (Pathumthani / Ayutthaya / Prosperity Yum flavours). They are all pretty yummy in their own way and I loved the spicy dry one especially…. You can also add on Fried Wantan Skin and Fried Chicken Skin if you enjoy those…


but I have to say we loved the Legend Flame Grilled Chicken..


The Kra Pow Chicken rice is also just so yummy….


And how can I resist my favorite Cha Yen (Thai milk tea) and my mini me went for the Cha Keow Yen (Thai milk green tea)…


…and we ended our meal with some Sangkaya consisting of soft steamed bread and homemade kaya with santan that just got us fighting to have the last piece…

Our next stop was at

Dal. Komm Coffee…


The place where you can get some yummy coffee and snacks…


I ordered a Strawberry Cube and a Honey Caramel Shibuya Toast as well as a Premium Chocola’de Shake while my team ordered an additional Banana Nutella Cruffin and a Honey Grapefruit drink…


We finished it off in no time…

Tian Ma Bird Nest


Our third stop was at the Tian Ma Bird Nest… bird nest is known for being nutritious and also beauty enhancing and our team of influencers and blogger and ok, daughter of blogger were all slightly vain and so we indulged ourselves here with their new offerings which was a Bird Nest porridge…



Yup, it made me cringe thinking of it at first, but when you taste it.. it is just so yummy…

We also had some Coconut Bird Nest, said to be an upcoming promo item for June 2018 at the restaurant if I am not mistaken…. it taste like coconut of course… bird nest is afterall almost tasteless and colourless…

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe


Almost everyone love superheroes.. and well the DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe is surely attractive with superhero-themed food



We ordered some Bat Pod Chicken Lasagne, Wayne’s Manor Soup Aux Champignons, Mera’s Ocean Magic Seafood Spaghetti… and a Lex Double Squeeze Belgian Waffle….


For drinks… we ordered Wonder Woman Wallop Iced Mocha, HA HA HA Oreo Milkshake and a few other items


Miera here of course highly recommends the Mera’s Ocean Magic Seafood Spaghetti… which was pretty much like spaghetti with seafood “masak lemak” sauce.. very tasty and my personal favorite. once you start you almost cannot stop and the team all agreed with me… lol

The other dishes can be pretty tasty also.. and you have to really love the food presentation…

After DC Comics Superheroes Cafe, we took a break and checked into the First World Hotel…


Bring the World’s Largest Hotel… you naturally need to check into the First World Hotel… but be careful.. the hotel is HUGE.. you can get a great workout /cardio exercise just walking to Sky Avenue and back to your hotel room and you can get lost… hahaha…


There are a total of 7351 rooms in 3 different towers and we had the opportunity to stay at the new Tower 3 with a pretty atmospheric cool designs both in the walkway as well as in the rooms….


Admittedly the bathroom and toilet is
a little small but the room is just perfect with a super cosy and comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep…

After our check in and break, we headed over to

BMS Organics


Vegetarians and for those who watxh what they eat, don’t worry… Resorts World Genting has BMS Organics, the famous local organic vegetarian cafe where you can enjoy a hearty and yet healthy meal.


We had their BMS Signature Nasi Lemak – RM23.90, made from healthy brown rice, acar, beancurd and papadom. It is meatless and organic, yet yummy you cannot believe this is healthy food…


The Grilled BMS’ Chef Burger- RM31.90 is also pretty tasty with moist and soft patty that will not disappoint your tastebuds…


My favorite of the lot would be the BMS Soy Milk Curry Laksa with Homemade Noodles – RM28.90.. and it is just so satisfying…

Dream Color


Just as we step foot into Dream Color’s premise, our jaws fell down… How can we not be at awe when faced with pretty plastic bottles filled aesthetically appealing colours …


The fruit, coffee and tea based drinks are made up of the most vibrant colours and contrast that will surely to catch your eyes and mesmerize you. And when you finally find the heart to mix these layers together, you get a whole new colour of course!!! The best part is the drinks actually taste as good as it looks…


We had the Dragon Guava – a combination of dragon fruit and guava juice of course, the Milky Way- a combination of the Butterfly Pea Flower tea, milk and vanilla and Spring – a combination of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, Jasmine Green Tea and Honey… and a sausage wrapped in egg…

Tokyo Secret


We ended our day with a piping hot cup of freshly brewed coffee and some Syukurimu from Tokyo Secret.. which was quite tasty and sweet and a refreshing change over the delicious but sometimes over cheesy desserts as I do like my cheese but only just a little… all made from Japanese import ingredients….

Will continue my food trail in next blog for day 2….

Anyway, for more info on Sky Avenue, Resorts World Genting or the First World Hotel, do check out https://www.rwgenting.com/





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