UMGAWA Legendary Adventures


If you love adventure, extreme sports and nature, you absolutely cannot and should not miss out grabbing the chance to soar on the highest ziplines in Malaysia in the 550 million year-old geologic wonder that is Langkawi’s Geopark with amazing views of the Seven Wells waterfall, Langkawi SkyCab as well as the glorious Andaman Sea.


On our FAM trip to Resorts World Langkawi, we had the chance to check out Umgawa Legendary Adventures’ Big Waterfall Adventure course featuring 12 ziplines including one honeymoon double zipline, three sky bridges suspended in the trees, and a spectacular abseiling descent from the towering trees at the Matchinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park said to be the oldest geological formation in the country and about 550 million years old….


When we arrived there, we we warmly welcomed and asked to sign the waiver form which you have to for every extreme sport and given a refreshing cold lemon grass drink in a cute coconut shell cup… then there was a neatly folded bandana on the table which we were told was for us…to wear underneath our safety helmets as well as keep as a souvenir too…



Then we were kitted up with the safety harness, carabiner and pulley as well as a helmet before being given a safety briefing by the sky rangers…


Then we were told to keep our personal belongings in the lockers provided at no additional costs..

Our group was then divided to groups of nine, which is the maximum number and accompanied by two Safety Sky Ranger Guides. Our Safety Sky Ranger Guides were Farhan and Sal highly trained and certified safety rangers…


We got into a jeep which brought us to almost the starting point… but there was a 5 minute hike up the steps which got some of us who were less fit panting and gasping as we climbed the steps to get to the first starting point…


Farhan went on ahead to guide us and catch us as we land and Sal was in charge of sending us off as well as sweeper duty..

The first zipline was just a short one and we landed on the platform built around a cengal or was it a meranti tree (I think)…

Ok.. I got pretty nervous when everyone had to wait for the whole group to arrive since the platform was small and on the side of a tree.. and there were like 9-11 of us.. it got me hugging the tree practically too… but Farhan reassured me that it could hold up 9 US military men and the guides which just slightly reassured me…

Still I couldn’t wait to get off the platform and once Sal arrived, Farhan took off again and Sal send us one by one along the second zipline..


There are 12 ziplines you can go on if you are taking the Big Waterfall Adventure and the longest zipline is about 200 meters long and about 80 meters off the ground at the highest level, as well as 3 sky bridges and 1 abseil descent.

The view is just nothing short of breathtaking and amazing…

Both Farhan and Sal were friendly and helped the less experienced and nervous members of our group to overcome their fear of height by telling us funny stories as well as snippets and bits and stories about the Geopark’s natural wonders..

Farhan and Sal were definitely strict and will checked on each of us before each zipline, and readjust our safety harness where they see fit..

Before we know it, our 2 1/2 hour was over and at the last platform, we were half gripped by fear of the unknown and half excited when we were told to just let go and “free fall” with the abseiling equipment…


Farhan was there to catch us of course…


We then went down the hill and arrived at the “headquarters” safely.. and were given refreshing cold towels to wipe our faces and body…

We were tired but blissfully proud of our own achievements as well as in wonder at the views we saw…

UMGAWA Legendary Adventures is committed to preservation and conservation and offers these adventures for us to learn to appreciate the beauty and lushness of mother nature…

If you are lucky, you could even come across a great hornbill, dusky leaf monkeys, flying lemurs, squirrels, flying lizards etc.. on your adventure…

Give it a shot the next time you are in Langkawi… you will be at awe…

Address- 7 Wells Waterfall – Jalan Telaga Tujuh, 07100 Langkawi


Phone:- 04 950 2828
Mobile- 013 343 8900


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