Rentak Selangor 2018 – Istana Bandar Jugra & Royal dances…

Being one of those people who are super fascinated with ancient buildings, I am always excited when I know I will be visiting some old building, church, temple, mosque or palace- ok it does not quite go well with my fear of the supernatural and things that go bump in the night, however, I have always loved visiting these places of bygone times….


So, naturally, without a doubt, I was thrilled to know we were visiting the Istana Bandar also known as Istana Alaeddin…20180404_120913-01-756x1008

Did you know that Jugra used to be the royal capital of Selangor when Sultan Abdul Samad decided to move there in 1875. His Royal Highness stayed there until he died in the year 1898…. and was succeeded by Sultan Alaeddin, the fifth Selangor Sultan….


It was Sultan Alaeddin who began to plan for the construction of the Istana Bandar….


This palace was built in 1905 and His Royal Highness lived there for 35 years until his death…

The design of the palace is a pretty fascinating combination… one which is, of course, mostly Islamic, and also with Indian and Middle Eastern influence as well as some Chinese influence just because they got in some Chinese craftsmen to help with the building of the palace which is of cengal wood and marble…


The Istana Bandar has 15 rooms and a nice area, or is it a garden… with a pond somewhere in the middle of the palace….


And you can note the difference in the current royal crest as well as the one located at the top of the doorway…


It is majestic and beautiful with plenty of character- even though it was in the midst of restoration and well, it was here also we got to experience more of what Selangor had to offer in terms of dances and performances, considering we were on our Rentak Selangor /Beats of Selangor- learning more about the culture of Selangor state tour with the Gaya Travel Magazine and UPEN Selangor team…


So we settled down on the somewhat clean floor of the Istana Bandar and watched the beautiful girls and ladies dance the Tarian Bunga Tanjung, Tarian Batara (a dance which is supposed to signify love and obedience to His Royal Highness the Sultan), Tarian Poja and the Tarian Madduppa Bosara (an interesting dance which also ends with some traditional delicacies/ pastry being served to the guests)


All these royal dances, which were once only performed in front of the Sultan as well as noblemen were beautifully executed with graceful flair and gentle movements by the Citra Ugik dancers, from the Malay Bugis Association of Selangor…brought there by UPEN Selangor…


I think the beautiful Istana Bandar is still in the midst of restoration, but trust me.. it is a gorgeous building and is a must visit…

Address -Kampung Sungai Ingat, 42700 Banting



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