Banngkok Street Food – Songkran Menu

I love to indulge my tastebuds.. and one of my favorite cuisine would be Thai… though it is not easy to find a restaurant that really serves up authentic good Thai food..


At least, well, it was so until I came upon Banngkok Street Food…


Owned by two brothers Wira and Chef Mus; Wira manages the restaurant while Chef Mus is the master in the kitchen experimenting, personalizing and bringing real authentic Thai dishes to all who choose to dine here..


…and yes, I swear the food is seriously good and since their opening in 2016, Banngkok Street Food restaurant has expanded to another shop lot to fulfil the growing demands of happy satisfied customers who keep coming back for more.. yours truly here and her daughter included…


On top of that, they have also a myriad of colourful food stalls outside the restaurant that truly gives you the feeling of dining at the streets… the interior of the new shoplot has also been painted with murals of shops on the wall as well as street lights and all.. making the restaurant super cozy …


So we were there for a food review.. Chef Mus had decided to create a new menu called the Songkran menu and added on to his current favorite dishes…


So we were there all 18 of us.. for one of the feast of our lives…

Our dining experience began with drinks… and well, we were introduced to 4 new drinks Chef Mus had created or improved on…


There was the Jack Black, a “pulut hitam” or Black Rice Ice Cream Smoothie…looking ultra decadent and just too tempting…. If you like “pulut hitam” you really will like this..


Then there is the Big Tom Mojito.. created from lemongrass, lime, mint leaves and chilli.. no kidding.. there is a bird eye chilli floating in it … This is a drink to share.. as it comes in a big glass pitcher.. it is refreshing but with a little bite in it. ..


Cha Yen Yai is my favorite of the lot.. being Thai Iced Tea.. how can anyone resist this.. The Thai Iced Tea comes served in a small plastic ice bucket… and can be shared by 3 to 4 people…


However the next drink is just as equally tempting to me as Cha Yen is… none other then the Coconut Shake.. and it is served in a green young coconut and served there…Am so loving it.. but again, this too comes in a pretty big serving…suitable for two…


For starters… what is Thai food without Miang Kham.. this betel leaf wrap salad is always fascinating as it is an explosion of taste in your mouth..

You wrap little bits of ginger, lime zest, shallots, chilli, roasted coconut, dry shrimp and peanuts in one of those betel leaves served.. you can then drizzle some of the sweet tangy and spicy sauce over it before just popping these directly into the mouth and prepare for that explosion of taste in your mouth…


Yam Mamuang Kai Krob is a green mango salad served with crispy chicken and has a sweet sour spicy dressing… ideal for all kerabu mango lovers…


Khan Tok Kai consists of steamed sticky rice, fried chicken and comes with papaya salad and lettuce on the side…

Quail egg is pretty yummy… just peel off the skin of the hard boiled eggs and dip it into the Thai Fish Sauce….


For noodles, we had the Puu Ob Woon Sen which was basically suhun or glass noodles in soy sauce kind of soup and a huge baked River Water Crab on top…. delicious!!!!


And… well… who can resist Tom Yam Goong… this is always usually what I order… and is also my daughter’s personal favorite.. rice noodles lovingly cooked in Tom Yam broth with Fresh Water prawns, boiled egg, chicken meatball… heavenly…..


Rice lovers fret not, you really have to check out these sets they have… The Bangto set comes served in a tiffin carrier… there’s rice, chap chai or mixed vegetables, omelete and cashew chicken…


Have you ever tried Krapaw…krapaw is usually minced meat stir fried with soy sauce and basil and its super yummy…
Banngkok has a Krapaw set made with minced lamb and it comes with everything you should eat Krapaw with… crispy fried egg, nachos, bread, rice, vegetable and of course… some thai sauce..


Khao Yam is a kind of Southern Thai Nasi Kerabu with Fried Chicken… super yummy…hahaha


If you want side dishes, you should try the Hoy Tod, which is Crispy Oyster Omelete with some cabbage, carrot and bean sprouts or taugeh in the centre…


or also try out the Mix Luk Chin… consisting of grilled squid, fishball, meatballs, prawn balls and crab stick….


If you are a seafood person like I am… you really have to pay attention here… Try the Pla Muek Kai Kem… it’s stir fried salted egg squid… and it is just so yummy one plate is barely enough…


You can also opt for Mussel Prik – some stir fried mussels with chili egg gravy… lip smacking good…


Being a tom yam lover… Pok Tek is of course my favorite.. How can it not be when you get all your favorite seafood (mussels, clam, fish, crab, squid, prawns) cooked in red creamy tom yam…. I can just eat this on its own….


Krung Thai is actually a deep fried Seabass covered and simmered in lemongrass tom yam sauce, kaduk and cashewnuts…and it is pretty good… I love steamed fish more but this one is really tasty!!!!


Burger lovers can check out the Krapaw Burger with basil minced beef and egg…sheer perfection….


or… the Somtam Burger with a piece of crunchy chicken in the middle and papaya salad..


I liked the Mamuang Burger as I love crabs but am just lazy peeling the fleah off those hard shelled ones.. so this is a soft shelled crab in the middle of burger buns…and it comes with some thai green mango salad/ kerabu mangga …

when our food tasting session was over… we were all super stuffed…. but then…what is a good dinner without some desserts…Here are 3 desserts you really have to try at Banngkok Street Food…..


Then Mango Bing Cool is well… made from mango, cereal, milk on a shaved ice ball… and with pieces of young coconut… just sooo irresistible…


Durian lovers really cannot miss put on the Durian Ice Cream which comes woth some sticky rice as well and topped with the kueh bunga rose/rose shaped crunchy kueh you normally get during raya….


and of course the Pancaka Banana Special… my friend from the KL tourism bureau, the beautiful Wiida was truly excited over it.. made with roti canai base kind of roti, it came generpusly slathered with nutella, and topped with banana, raisin, corn and peanuts… sinful as hell but soooo irresistible…

Banngkok Street Food

Setapak 56-G, Platinum Walk, No.2, 
Jalan Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, 53000, Malaysia
(Beside Setapak Central)

*Halal restaurant

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