Ice Age Alive -the “coolest” exhibition in KL!!!

Most of us might probably have seen the Dreamworks animated movies Ice Age…and with lovable characters like Sid the sloth, Manny the mammoth, Diego the sabre tooth tiger and other interesting characters… and we do wonder what the Ice Age really look like…


With dinosaur exhibitions popping up all over the quote YB Datuk Rashidi bin Hasbullah, the Secretary General for the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, we do kinda have enough dinosaurs roaming our regions…. hehehe
The Ice Age is an interesting period, a totally different one which not many educational or scientific exhibitions focus on, at least… not until now…


So dear friends and readers.. to satisfy your curiosity as to how the “Ice Age” looks like, you can make your way over to the “Ice Age Alive” which has recently been opened and which will on until the end of December 2018…at the Malaysia Touriam Centre (MaTiC) along Jalan Ampang from 10am to 7pm and opened everyday(except for Mondays!!!)


Organised by Creative Alliance Crew, sponsored and endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, you can now visit and check out how life was during planet earth’s coldest period ….


The Ice Age Alive exhibition allows visitors to travel back in time and get to know the interesting creatures that once walked some of the continents…


I had the opportunity to be among the first few there with some influencer friends and we had a whole lot of fun checking out the creatures, taking pictures for our Instagram and well playing “ahjumma yangpa” (gossipers/makcik bawang in Korean language) hahaha….



There will be plenty of activities for the young ones from jumping castles, ice skating rink, fossil digging, ice age crafts, games and amusement activities as well as interactive entertainment and video documentaries all designed to give visitors a fun and unforgettable experience…


Entrance fee : Adult RM29.50/ Kids RM19.50/ Family of 4 RM85 ( MyKad Holders )

For visitors to Malaysia, do check out the ticketing details and prices here…



One thought on “Ice Age Alive -the “coolest” exhibition in KL!!!

  1. Entrance price is about RM80 per family ( 2A 2C) but inside must pay for every single thing

    So called ice skating is only white board..made to ice entry is RM10…

    To play fake snow another RM10 for 15min..


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