Buka Puasa 2018 – Felda D’ Saji

With 5 different venues and branches, Felda D’Saji is ready to indulge diners with their Ramadhan Buffet spread…


Diners can choose to dine in the Dewan Perdana Felda, Red Carpet Avenue, Orchard Villa, Tasik Titiwangsa or Lake Cempaka Villa…


With 20 years of experience in the preparation of Ramadhan offerings, Felda D’Saji is confident that their Ramadhan buffet offerings will satisfy diner’s taste… and it is also why D’Saji would be a main location for Ramadhan Buffet…


As many as 40 chefs will be preparing the breaking fast Ramadhan Buffet with the theme “Colours of Malaysia”…


Among the signature dishes would be the Stuffed Whole Lamb -cooked rice inside the lamb’s stomach, Roasted Lamb with 9 spices and many more…

Yours truly was over for a taste and was surprised to find sushi, kolok mee, mee udang, baked fish, and a whole lot of offerings including coconut shake, roti john and sarawak layer cakes…

The other 4 Ramadhan Buffet locations come with their own themes – “Taste of Asean” at D’Saji KL Titiwangsa, “Malay Authentic and Grills” at Orchard Villa Gombak and Cempaka Villa Bangi, as well as “Citarasa Ramadan” at the Red Carpet Avenue, Strand Mall in Kota Damansara- and are ready for diners.. You are more then welcome to just ‘walk in’ to any of the D’Saji branches for breaking fast…


Felda D’Saji also introduces D’Saji Delivery for the month of Ramadan… For a package as low as RM300, you will get dishes and food to break your fast for 12 to 15 pax, and this is great for family gatherings, office meetings dragging on (because of new government and new implementations), birthday parties or anniversary parties during the fasting month etc…. D’Saji will send the food to your office or home around the Klang Valley in 15 radius kilometres…

For more info, do email salesdsaji@felda.net.my or contact 03 2698 8302

For more info, check out feldadsaji.com.my


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