Buka Puasa 2018 – BBQ Lamb KL Kemensah

If you are looking for something different from just buffet and in a serene environment, do head over to the BBQ Lamb KL Kemensah…


BBQ Lamb KL Kemensah is located just about 6 minutes from the MRR behind the National Zoo (Zoo Negara)…20180504_174856-756x1008-01-715x953

It is a simple, traditional kampung style environment serving up some pretty mean BBQ grilled western styled dishes along and on the river of the Kemensah waterfalls…


Yours truly was there with a couple of friends to try out their platters for this Ramadhan breaking fast (buka puasa) and we were truly contented and happy…


For Ramadhan, they have 3 different platters… The Bird Set, the Meat set and the Seafood Set…

Our favourite will have to be their Birds and Meat set..

I heard that the meat in both the bird and meat set are smoked several hours giving them that exclusive smoky taste that makes it just so yummy… The meat are then grilled as a pre-heating process before the platter is served to diners…

These will be the available platters for Ramadhan Break Fast….


1) BIRD SET (RM 168.00)
–  BBQ Chicken Wings
–  BBQ Quill
–  Smoked Duck
– BBQ Organic Chicken


2)  MEAT SET (RM 188.00)
–  BBQ Lamb Cut
–  BBQ Lamb Ribs
– BBQ Short Ribs
– BBQ Tenderloin


3) SEAFOOD SET(RM 188.00)
– Grilled Giant River Prawn with melted cheese
– Grilled Squid and Tempura Squid
– Grilled Salmon

The sets comes with the following add-ons
3 types of selected sauces
4x Rice (which is refillable)
4x of 2 types of assorted desserts plus dates for breaking fast
1x bowl of sup for 4 pax
1x coleslaw
2x Jug of Fresh Juice of your choice (choosen from menu and its non-refillable)



Monday                   Closed
Tuesday to Friday     6.00pm – 11.00pm
Saturday to Sunday  12.00noon – 4.00pm (lunch with seating in the river)
7.00pm – 11.00pm (dinner)

19 May to 12 June 2018       6.00pm – 11.00pm

For information, please call / whatsapp 60122114100 to contact Zainuddin


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