Food – BananaBro Berjaya Times Square

I am a fan of Banana Leaf Rice… ok, maybe not a crazy fan since I do cut down my intake of rice.. but still I do enjoy the occasional Banana Leaf Rice from time to time.. and I recently got to know of a great place at Berjaya Times Square shopping mall, called BananaBro…


BananaBro is one of the latest banana leaf joints to open in KL… It is a sister company of the well known Boat Noodles and younwill lovr the bright and modern ambienced… and naturally, being in the mall, the restaurant air-conditioned so you can enjoy and indulge in your Banana Leaf Rice in comfort..20180505_123213-1008x756-997x748.jpg

I really like that the restaurant is pretty spacious with ample seating…. and that you are actually given a menu which you can browse and order from…


One thing that normally puts me off when dining at the Banana Leaf Restaurant is that you might just get a heart attack when you ask for the bill since they just keep placing dishes in front of you and your bill just keeps going up… but no chance of that happening here as you can just order what you want and skip what you don’t..

For drinks… I just could not resist the Teh Tarik Lawa (RM4.90) and also the Strawberry Lassi (RM6.90)

There is Nasi Lemak, roti bakar and half boiled kampung eggs for breakfast between 8.30am to 11am as well if you are there early…


The Banana leaf rice is served from 11am onwards and comes with white or brown (aka Indian) rice, 3 types of vegetables, 4 types of curries, pappadam, rasam and yogurt for just RM12.90….. You may asked for refills

For the vegetables, you will love the deep fried snake gourd… heaven knows my daughter and I were in love with the crispy and tasty deep fried snake gourd…


For curries, you can choose from chicken and fish curry, dhal or mung bean… The curries are lovely and generous in consistency….

Try the home made fresh yogurt which should be a favorite for those who cannot eat their meals so spicy…


Do not forget to add on the side dishes.. you can choose from mutton and chicken or seafood, I could not resist the sambal petai (RM5.90) and both the mutton and chicken masala….


The mutton masala (RM9.90) came heaped on a small plastic plate with tender, chunks of meat in a delicious gravy…. damn… but it tasted heavenly..


So did the Chicken Masala (RM7.50) chicken in the same spicy gravy that can make you forget your partner’s name momentarily…


….and the Chicken 65 (RM7.50) which consists of deep fried, marinated boneless chicken…. I was told you are recommended to dip the chicken pieces in the yogurt… which is pretty good too…


You can also opt for the Butter Chicken (RM7.50) if you cannot eat spicy dishes as it consist of marinated chunks of chicken cooked with buttery curry that taste pretty nice


Address- Banana Bro, LG-59B, Lower Ground East Entrance, Berjaya Times Square, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. (Head towards Hero Market, then turn left, walk until the end and you will see the restaurant)

Tel- 03-2732 4605


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