Buka Puasa 2018 – Dorsett Grand Subang

Yours truly was over at the Dorsett Grand Subang recently with my team mates where we indulged in a lavish CITARASA RAMADAN buffet spread at Terraza Brasserie…


Beautifully set up, we enjoyed the authentic local delicacies served which were pretty generous such as a beautifully cooked Roasted Whole Lamb (marinated in a secret blend of spices and roasted to perfection) with the fragrant Mandy Rice as well as some pretty luscious Briyani Gam with your choice of Lamb, Chicken, Beef or Seafood*, aromatic Steamed Red Talapia or Pomfret* served with tangy oriental sauce or homemade soy sauce…


One of the dishes which is the Dorsett Grand Subang’s signature dish would be the hearty and refreshing all-time Malaysian favourite Gearbox Soup (a thick and hearty beef bone marrow soup) served with Roti Benggala… It is really hearty and delicious….and even if you are not a fan of beef or do not want the bones, you really still should try the soup..


Naturally there are other superb dishes such as fried noodles, pasta and meatballs, chicken roulade etc…

An array of top of local and western desserts which include premium dates from the Middle East, fresh fruits, Teh Tarik, the creamy blandness of Bread Butter Pudding and selections of traditional kuih will also be available throughout the Ramadan month.

To cleanse the palate, indulge in the array of desserts offered as well as some classic Turkish Ice Cream in 4 amazing flavours. The highlight will be Durian flavour among others such as vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.


There are actually two different venues at the Dorsett Grand Subang for breaking fast… which is at the Terraza Brasserie as well as an exclusive dining experience for guests at Melati Room, Level 1 with a nostalgic kampung setting..  Here at the Melati Room, diners can also enjoy Live traditional performances by Sri Kenchana Ghazal nightly at Melati Room, Level 1.


Terazza Brasserie

RM165 nett per person (Adult)
RM83 nett per person (Child)
RM132 nett per person (Senior Citizen)

Melati Room

RM155 nett per person (Adult)
RM78 nett per person (Child)
RM124 nett per person (Senior Citizen)

For more information, do contact +603 5031 6060 or email: bookfnb.subang@dorsetthotels.com


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