Global Day of Discovery at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur 2018

So yours truly and some of the Influenzas team members were over at the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel for their Global Day of Discovery recently..


My team and I definitely had an enjoyable time mingling with other invited guests and indulging ourselves with the treats offered by the team at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel..

It so happened that this year marks it’s 7th annual Global Day of Discovery (GDoD) and it was held together with 160 other Renaissance Hotels all over the world…

Best known for their Business Unusual mantra, and inspired by the notion that Renaissance Hotels can set the scene for the spontaneous to happen, leveraging architecture, interiors and art together , the Renaissance Hotel brand name is dedicated to creating engaging elements at every turn and inviting guests to go “off-script” and experience the unexpected…


For this years Global Day of Discovery, the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel invited their guests for an Evening at the Ramadan Bazaar at TEMPTationS since the Global Day of Discovery happen to fall on the holy month of Ramadan as well…

Centered around the scenes of a bazaar, guests indulged their tastebuds to the plethora of local delights found during Ramadan such as Bubur Lambuk, Roti Jala, Murtabak with Chicken Curry, Rojak and so much more…

The food was plentiful and so satisfying and we were all sated and happy when dinner was over…


We were of course treated to the soothing music from the Gamelan
and also the opportunity to try their hands on some local batik painting…

Our thanks to the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur for having my team and I over…

For more info, check out


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