Hotel Review 2018 – Palm Beach Resort & Spa

I found a beautiful little slice of paradise at the Palm Beach Resort & Spa when I was over at Labuan… Located at the Kampung Batu Manikar beach on the beautiful duty free tropical paradise of Labuan, the Palm Beach Resort & Spa is a seaside resort that comes with 245 spacious and comfortable rooms as well as banquet facilities…


The picturesque resort is located just beside the beach and they have beautiful tropical gardens around the area..

The pool is just so breathtaking and inviting.. and at the beach there are fishnet hammocks you can laze and get wet in because the waves will surely drench you as you laze there…



The Palm Beach Resort & Spa is just barely 15 minutes away from the Labuan town..


What mesmerizes me most about this hotel is that it is on this hotel’s beach you can actually really enjoy watching the sun set…


as well as the sun rise… both equally magnificent and mesmerizing in their own ways just as they turn the sky into a myriad of colours…


We had an amazing candlelight BBQ buffet dinner by the sea under the star lit sky, lovingly caressed by the cool evening breeze on the warm balmy evening while being lulled by the sound of waves crashing the shore and the traditional performance by the dance troupe showcasing traditional dances of the East Malaysians in Borneo…

When we got tired, we trudged back to our cosy room overlooking the garden and pool and sank into the comfortable bed..

The rooms were tastefully furnished and came with an LCD TV with Astro channels, and ample amenities in the ensuite bathroom…


Breakfast is a simple affair but I loved their simple but pretty tasty mee kolok…

I definitely recommend the Palm Beach Resort & Spa Labuan for anyone who wants a leisurely holiday in Labuan… as there is a lot to do at this lovely little gem of a beach hotel..


Address – Palm Beach Resort & Spa, Labuan
Jalan Batu Manikar,
Kg Batu Manikar,
87014 Labuan FT
Web –

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