Labuan International Golf Club

When I was told we were going to the Labuan International Golf Club, I was pretty sure I was gonna get bored.. I am not a golf player and I often think it was somewhat a pretty dull game…


Lunch there was delicious but just simple and when they mention heading to the driving range, I was like, “ok”… minus the enthusiasm… and well, pls don’t blame me…


However, we ended up picking our partners and I got the dashing Nizam Rahman or super gorgeous Ramona depending on whatever his or her alter ego was for the day… sharing my buggy with me or rather driving me around the driving range…


From what I thought would be a boring ride turned into a fun one.. as our eyes drank in the firat class practise facilities with the 16- bay driving range, practise greens and magnificent breath taking views of 200 acres of lush landscapes with the South China Sea as the backdrop…


Every turn the buggy took, we could feel our breath catch at the mesmerising scenery…


This par 72 golf course is afterall designed and built by Saujana Scape & Greens Sdn Bhd in collaboration with renowned Australian designer, Parslow & Winter Golf Course Design…


And yes, despite the heat and humidity I can just understand how soothing and calming it must be when you are playing golf in such magnificent venues, and for once… I am thinking it might not be bad to learn golfing and giving it a shot… hehehe..


Proudly owned by the Labuan Corporation, The Labuan International Golf Club is the only 18 -hole golf course in Labuan…


Address – Labuan International Golf Club, Jalan Sungai Pagar, 87000 Wilayah Persekutuan

Website –


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