The RUB Bar Opens at RED by Sirocco Kuala Lumpur

Every now and then we all need a little self pampering… and what better then going for a nice body massage…


The feeling you derive at someone kneading all those weariness, knots and aches away while you half doze away without a care…AirBrush_20180624093256-01-659x879


So my friends brought me and my daughter over to The RUB Bar (a word play on ‘raba’ which translates to ‘to rub’ in English) which was recently opened to both Malaysians and tourists at RED by Sirocco Kuala Lumpur; offering premium quality services and products at pretty cool prices.


With more than 10 treatment areas for guests to enjoy some private “me” time The RUB Bar is very much an oasis of well-being with its aspirational interior that exudes an air of relaxation as you step into the premises…

Choose from their treatment offerings or speak to one the The RUB Bar’s therapists to find out which treatment suits your needs….

For me, I went with the Foot Reflexology and Body Massage package…


Once you have decide on which treatment you want to indulge your body in, you will be given a short kimono set to change in and get comfy in…

Then a therapist will wash your feet with a scrub and then you will be ushered up stairs to a sofa area…


As you happily sink into the seat with your legs stretched, the therapist will apply different types of pressure on your feet that will slowly unknot your stresses and balances your inner energy. Active professionals, athletes, and even heel lovers will fall in love with this treatment…

Once the foot reflexology session is up… I was taken to one of the curtained treatment area… and after getting naked with just my panties on and a towel to cover other parts of my body, laid down on the massage table and let my therapist work her magic on me… It is just a basic Malaysian massage, but this old age tradition is known to hold the secrets to various health benefits… This treatment is perfect for everyone, especially someone like me with a hectic lifestyle, lots of stress and super achy and tired muscles.

How can you not enjoy the heavenly feeling of whatever that has been pressuring you seemingly melt away from your shoulders, head and neck… It is so much better than sex.. hahaha…

Anyway besides the Foot Reflexology and Body Massage, The RUB Bar also has Scrapping Gua Sha, a traditional Chinese medical treatment which is believed to release unhealthy bodily matter from our system…. It is said to be good for relieving the aching muscles as well as reducing flatulence that contributes to bloating and heartburn…

The RUB Bar is one of the few places that actually has Kids Massage as well for your little ones– Kids also like to be pampered while relaxing with their parents… So why not make this a family-bonding session where everybody gets a chance to chill and heal…???

The Rub Bar KL_Products 01


The RUB Bar also has its own all-natural wellness products such as aromatherapy oils for detoxification, muscle relief and relaxing; as well as soaps with variants including ‘Tango Charcoal’, ‘Samba Pandan’, ‘Ginger Lemon Twist’, ’Flapper Peppermint’, ‘Prancing Rainbow’, ‘Bunny Hop Honey’, ‘Jive Citrus’, ‘Frolicking Tulips’ and ‘Twirling Cucumber and Tea’.

Personally, I am in love with their ‘Gold Nugget’ soap which is great for anti aging and also just so fragrant…


For more information on The RUB Bar, visit

IG: @therubbarmy
FB: TheRubBarKL
Twitter: @rubbarmy


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