Review 2018: The Greyhound Cafe, Bukit Bintang

The Greyhound cafe at Ansa Hotel reminds me of some fancy boutique… It is classy in black and white and in between with glass walls allowing in natural lights during the day or for diners to peek out and enjoy the evening atmosphere along busy Bukit Bintang….


In case you do not know it, The Greyhound cafe is located in between Lot 10 and also Fahrenheit 88 and the restaurant serves up some pretty yummy modern Thai fusion kind of dishes..


You can also find a long list of drinks and desserts featuring classic favorites as well as those with an interesting twist to cater to all tastebuds…

So I was over with a group of some close friends…

I started my order with a Thai Iced Tea with Milk(RM16) , since I am kinda in love with Thai iced teas.. and it was all I expected… being the creamy sweet tea I desired.


One of my friends ordered the Iced Tea (Greyhound Style) (RM12) and it came in a canister in which you had to pour out into a glass with flavoured ice cubes or so I think…


Then we had a few of Greyhound highly recommended dishes… beginning with some slices of salmon that is served spread out like a blooming flower soaked in some special Thai sauce and slices of garlic on it- the Salmon Sashimi in Spicy Hot Sauce (RM26) ..perfect for salmon lovers.. like me….


Then there was the Complicated Noodle (RM26), an unassuming platter of steamed noodle sheets, green lettuce, minced chicken and some lovely chili sauce to go with it…

It looks pretty plain and boring, but it was recommended by my friend who swore by it and taught us how to eat it.. Apparently you need to put the noodle sheet on the lettuce and put in some minced chicken and the chili sauce… It is a lovely explosion of flavours in your mouth… lovely!!!


We also had some Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings (RM18) The wings might look tiny but they are mighty with the fish sauce marinate.. and therefore tasty…. We found ourselves “fighting” each other for the last piece….


I love koay teow or those flat rice noodles, so I had to have some Phad Thai with Fresh Shrimp (RM26). These flat rice noodles came with a combination of lovely flavours in one plate, made from tamarind sauce and fresh shrimps served with crushed peanuts and chilli flakes.. but I am afraid I stirred in too much chilli flakes… as it was pretty spicy… but am sooo loving it..


Our next dish was the Fried Tons of Crab Meat with Rice (RM55) and hmmm, it certainly was a little pricey but worth it as it is fried with fragrant garlic, loads of succulent crab meat, egg and served with some cucumber, salted vegetable soup and that chili padi in fish sauce and garlic…

20180712_203526-1008x756 well as some Spicy Spaghetti Thai Style (RM29) which is basically some stir fried spaghetti with some seafood, chillies, flavorful peppercorns and fragrant basil leaves …


The sumptuous meal is good enough to share between 4-6 people… as the portioning is quite generous…


But oh how can we resist the dessert here.. We got an assortment of desserts to share that was recommended by the staff…


First up was Sakoo Piek (RM16) which is somewhat similar to the Tub Thim Krob or red rubies dessert I so love…except the coconut sago balls are blue in colour.. and it is served with both water chesnut and a nice scoop of coconut sherbet..


We had two slices of the Greyhound Cafe’s sinful cakes… The Fresh Coconut Crepe Cake (RM22) which irresistible layers of thin coconut crepes sheets combined with generously fresh whipped cream and fresh coconut flesh from Thailand… The taste is very pleasant and refreshing and I do so love it…


The other cake we indulged in was the Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate with Vanilla Cream (RM22) a super luscious devil food cake, chocolate fudge and sea salt caramel… topped with chocolate ganache and strawberries.. now who can resist this.. not me for sure.. huhuhu

Overall, the food at Greyhound Café was of course superb and my friends and had one of the best dinners. Greyhound Café is also ideal for little celebrations with family and friends as well as intimate dinners and friendly get togethers…


No. 2, Ground Floor, ANSA Kuala Lumpur, 101, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 2148 1188

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