Tony Roma’s Tacos, Spin and Savour…

So yours truly was over at Tony Roma’s recently to check out their latest indulgence – Spin and Savour!


Tony Roma’s Spin and Savour menu consists of three types of meats and each is served with a choice of side dish. For lamb enthusiast, you will surely fall in love with the Lamb Skewer (RM48*) consisting of two pieces of lamb skewers marinated with lamb seasoning.


If you love your chicken, you will definitely enjoy the Chicken Skewer (RM35*) which consists of two pieces of chicken skewers marinated with fajitas seasoning.

Then of course, there is the Beef Skewer (RM42*) – two pieces of beef skewer marinated with herb, is all you need to satisfy that craving!


To complement the skewers, Tony Roma’s is offering THREE limited time side dishes; Tortilla Wrap and Fries – two pieces of grilled tortilla wrapper with pickle mayonnaise sauce and fries, Rice & Broccoli – yellow rice with ginger flavor and steamed broccoli serve with picante salsa, and Pasta – a well-mixed of garlic, basil, tomato pesto, chipotle served over linguine with shaved Asiago cheese.

Tacos, which also mean ‘light lunch’ in Mexican Spanish, is the perfect meal for those looking for a light meal or a quick bite in between meetings, or simply a healthy yet delicious meal for those on the go.


The Lamb Tacos (RM21*) comprises of flavourful pulled lamb pieces served with a sweet and mildly spiced sauce while the Shrimp Tacos (RM23*) features a medley of succulent pieces of shrimp and pickle sauce with a hint of spice.


The Beef Tacos (RM19*), on the other hand, infuses pulled beef and a mildly spiced, tangy sauce with a hint of herbs for a mouthwatering experience.


Each taco set is served with a selection of side dishes that are available for a limited time only. Diners can choose to pair their tacos with Potatoes Croquette – coated with crispy hash brown and served with jalapeno ketchup; Nachos with Picante Salsa – fried nachos served with homemade fresh picante salsa or Crispy Onion Rings – perfectly battered Spanish onion rings served with BBQ sauce mayo.


While you are enjoying your meal, do not forget to give the Tony Roma’s Spin and Savour board a try… guests will get a chance to spin and win vouchers such as complimentary bountiful beef ribs with any ribs & steaks purchase, complimentary onion loaf, complimentary romarita and many more!


Be sure to pair your meal with refreshing fruity drinks such as the Pina Strawberry Swirl (RM19.72*), Pina Mango Swirl (RM19.72*), Pineapple & Grape Blast (RM18.77*), Cranberry Mojito (RM18.77*) and Mint & Fruit Dream (RM18.77*) for that aftertaste of fruity sweetness. I just loved the Pina Strawberry Swirl….


These dishes and specialities will naturally be available until 11 September 2018 at all Tony Roma’s outlets…. so go grab them while you can

*All prices quoted in Ringgit Malaysia (RM), inclusive of 10% service charge.


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