Food Review 2018 – Super Saigon Ampang


Stepping inside the SUPER SAIGON restaurant in Ampang is an interesting experience.. When we were there, it was obvious how popular that eatery was with the buzzing crowd that filled up the ground floor dining area as well as the Al Fresco dining area outside…20180803_205451-01-1008x756

The decor is a pretty relaxing blue and white theme inspired by Santorini and Mykonos… with splashes of greens and lighting to make the ambience cheery..

The smells of delicious pho makes my mouth water… The recipes here are inspired by popular Vietnamese eateries in Melbourne and Ho Chi Minh…


Everyone knows that Vietnamese food are healthier options for those who are health concious… The combination of rice, noodles, fresh vegetables and herbs all play a big role in the creation of Vietnamese food, thus making it one of the healthiest cuisines in the world….


Super Saigon uses fresh ingredients such premium cuts of imported Australian beef, chicken, fresh herbs and aromatic ingredients in the preparation of each dish…


Super Saigon is also pretty selective and uses only HALAL Certified products and suppliers ensuring Super Saigon is one of the first HALAL friendly Vietnamese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

The restaurant at Ampang is two storey and has two floors of sitting areas and one private room for special functions…


The Broken Rice Grilled Lemongrass Chicken (RM17.50) comes with a chicken meatloaf, fried kampung egg and some pickled vegetables ln the side was pretty tasty


The Fresh Rice Paper Roll comes with fillings of chicken and prawn (RM12.50 for 2 pcs) are served with a lovely peanut sauce… We got a plate of the minced chicken and prawns one.. (RM13.50)


The Crispy Spring Roll came on a plate of 6pcs.. and it was just so crunchy and yummy especially after dipping it into the accompanying sauce..


The Special Beef Combination(RM19.50) pho is a bowl of pho with medium rare sliced beef, beef brisket, beef tendon, beef tripe and beef balls with beansprouts and Thai basil on the side. The soup was light and flavourful..


Being a fan of the flat white noodle or koey teow? How can I say no to a plate of Stir Fried Kuey Teow Noodles with sliced chicken breasts (RM16.50) it came with some pretty good and slurpy gravy…

Having heard a lot being said about Vietnamese Coffee, I decided to order the Super Saigon recommended Iced Vietnamese Milk Coffee (RM7.50) . It was just ok for me as I am not particularly a coffee drinker and like my coffee light like this.. but my friends said it was too light for them… gulp…


One of my friends ordered the Avocado Smoothie (RM9.50) which came drizzled with chocolate syrup huhuh


We had some Moist Chocolate Cake (RM8.50) for our dessert for a perfect sweet ending.. which was just so decadently delicious with some caramel sauce drizzled on top of it…



My friends and I had a lovely dinner there and we truly enjoyed the meal as well as the charming ambience there… I will definitely be back for more and if I have any complaints… it would only have to be the parking… huhuhuh…..

Address – 34, Persiaran Ampang, Desa Pahlawan, 55000 Kuala Lumpur

Website –



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