Mega Watersports, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

When you head to a beautiful island.. you know nothing can possibly be better then to have some fun in the sun…


So when my friends were in Langkawi recently for the episode of Travelogue Langkawi, we hit Pantai Cenang, and grabbed the opportunity to go on the Tasik Dayang Bunting jet ski tour by Mega Watersports…


It was a sunny day.. and just ideal for a trip around some of the hundred islands of Langkawi (ok, for this particular tour we are only covering about 8 islands).. although maybe a little too scorching on our skin… but some high SPF sunblock took care of that…


We were given indemnity forms to sign, life vests and water/aqua booties to put on… as well as waterproof bags to keep our cameras and mobile phones before we were told to gather around the jet ski for some basic operation instruction and lessons…


Everyone quickly got the the hang of how to handle the jet skis and along with our partners… we rode the jet skis first to the Fjord, a beautiful and tranquil area surrounded by islands where the sea is just pretty still… The name of the place was given by the yachties to this general group of islands South East of Kuah, and just about 1 nautical mile from Dayang Bunting Island…. the uniqueness of this place was about the beautiful natural surrounding, the still waters, the echoes that reasonate when you shouted and it is undeniably a lovely place to take a dip.. somewhat irresistible hahaha….


… and then we headed to the much talked about Island of the Pregnant Maiden aka Tasik Dayang Bunting, the main attraction of the tour. Being the second largest island within the Langkawi archipelago, there is a fascinating and mysterious lake.. also supposedly the largest fresh water lake in Malaysia…


The Dayang Bunting Lake as it is known as is separated from the sea by a very thin ridge of limestone…. and what makes this place unique is that legend claims that barren women can actually become fertile when they swim in the lake…


We are given about 45 minutes to an hour to hike down to the lake and up again… as well as explore the various attractions of the island including jungle trekking, kayaking, paddle boats or have a dip in the lake….

I hated only one thing about that island… the sludge you are forced to go through from the jet ski to the island… and having to climb the many steps back to the jet ski… heheh


From that island, we headed to some rocky small islands that we leisurely rode the jet ski through to enjoy the beautiful natural rock formations and scenery…. This is yet another picturesque area…


Then we headed to the middle of yet another place , which was somewhat a little like the Fjord… where our jet ski tour guide Tong “set us free” and told us to do what we like as long as we kept within his sight…and not go too close to the islands… I am afraid the excitement was a bit too much and most of us disappeared from his sight, speeding on the jet ski like some ‘mat rempit’ for a little while but head back to check in…


After about 15 minutes… we gathered around and rode to Wet Rice Island / Pulau Beras Basah… before speeding all the way back to Cenang Beach.. at this point everyone was speeding which was slightly amusing since many were so pretty cautious when they began 3 to 4 hours earlier…much to the point they were almost left behind… but at the last lap, all jet skis were racing full speed back to the beach….


The experience of riding a jet ski on this tour is indescribable as it is just so thrilling and exciting and you get to go really close and personal to the islands, something you can barely do on a boat, especially when you are sharing the boat with a few others.. it is a priceless experience which I really highly recommend if you can afford it… the price may be slightly pricey but it covers insurance, the exceptional guides and everything.. but I swear it is such a great experience you want to do it all over again…


This is my second trip and it is so much fun and I would so do it all in a heartbeat again if the chance arises…or if I am back in Langkawi…

Do check out the packages /or for more info, check out

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