KL Tower International Jump Malaysia 2018


Its that time of the year when its raining men again… (and women) .. you will find men and some women falling or dropping from the skies.. and all these are happening at KL Tower of course….


You see… the prestigious and internationally – acclaimed eztreme sports event, KL Tower International Jump Malaysia (KLTIJM), one of the most awaited event…is happening between 28th September and 1st October 2018…


The adrenaline pumping action will take center stage from 8.30am right until 6pm for the day jump and 8pm until 10pm for the night jump… all from the open Sky Deck of KL Tower, located at the dizzying height of 300 meters above the ground….

If you dont believe me.. just try craning your neck up the tower for about 10 minutes and see if you feel dizzy… hahaha…


This extreme sporting event was initially organized in conjunction with KL Tower’s 3rd anniversary celebration on 3rd October 1999 but since then has become an annual event for KL Tower and has also gotten its own place in thr Malaysian Book of Recprds as the 1st BASE jump event in Malaysia…and also the highest BASE jump platform, first rope BASE jump and the most number of participants in a BASE jump…

Previously known as the BASE Jump, BASE is the acronym for (B)uilding, (A)ntenna, (S)pan and (E)arth… representing objects mainly used as the BASE jump jump-off point…


“This annual event is held with the aim of offering BASE jump enthusiasts the opportunity to jump-off KL Tower… this will then put Malaysia on international tourism maps as one of the sport tourism destinations which is of course in line with KL Tower’s aspiration as a must visit destination for Culture, Adventure and Nature experiences”, YBhg Datuk Rozlan Mohamed, CEO of Menara Kuala Lumpir Sdn Bhd said….


For this year, participants and visitors can also join or check out the additional activities with performances by jumpers such as accuracy jump demonstration, best dress jumps and so on.. Visitors can try their jumping experience by participating in the bag jump.. a free fall jump.on air cushion which is in collaboration with the Yayasan Patriot Negara as well as exhibitions from our Malaysian Armed Forces, Unifi and so on…


There are more then 140 jumpers coming from all over the world – USA, Canada, Austria, Czech, Ireland, England, Netherlands, France, Australia, Estonia, Mexico, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland, Brazil, Greece, Denmark, Japan and also Malaysia, of course..

There is also the crane jump… with spine tingling acts featuring some of the highl trained international jumpers who will jump from a craneat at Tower Head 7 (TH07), at the height of 312 metres above the ground….


And of course… my most favorite activity at KL Tower…” Sitting on the Edge”.. This is afterall the only time of the year visitors are allowed a chance to sit on the edge of the open deck aka Sky Deck (under the strict supervison of the fire and safety officers, of course) and watch jumpers making their jumps and experience the adrenaline rush of having the world (ok… maybe too dramatic.. KL ) at your feet… KL city is spread out below your feet…. and you are 300 metres above it…it is such a priceless and amazing moment….

Enjoy it for just RM128 (for MyKad holders) and RM178 (for other visitors/ foreigners) and you get entrance to the Sky Deck and Observation Deck, the opportunity to si on the edge 300 metres above the ground, a KL Tower souvenir, 6R photo and an exclusive edition BASE Jump T Shirt….

And if you are asking me when to go.. when ever if good as long as you go.. as during the day you can get clear and amazing photos of jumpers doing their stuff…


….and at night, unless you have a great camera… you can enjoy the magnificent view of KL all litted up in the evening breeze and watch the jumpers in fairy lights and interesting costumes hurling themselves from the launch deck.. or even beside you..(in my case.. I had a handsome young jumper sitting next to me… and all of a sudden he just jumped…I must have been soooo disgusting, he did not want to sit next to me… hahahahaha)


Psst… even Datin Umie Aida came and sat on the edge… she took my spot when I exited so I did not get a pic with her on the edge but my besties did!!!!

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