Laman Padi, Gemalai Restaurant and Gemalai Village, Langkawi


Laman Padi means rice field. This 6 and a half hectare complex comprises of number of interesting venues you can wander to such as the Rice Museum, where the process and evolution of rice cultivation &¬†harvesting in Langkawi is exhibited, the Gemalai Restaurant (formerly known as the Seashells Chenang) and also the lovely rustic Gemalai Village Resort….all surrounded by paddy fields..


This is Langkawi’s portion for agro tourism, where visitors can enjoy lush greenery and learn all about how rice, the staple food of Malaysians is cultivated…


It can be a lovely feeling, a change from the hustle and bustle of city or town life and you spend half an hour or more wandering the paddy fields… along the way you might notice some scarecrows erected in the middle of the fields to scare the crows or rather the birds away… of course… Because if not, then the birds will happen by and have themselves a party with the grains.. .

You can also find a water buffalo or two lazing in in the fields…as you wander around the complex…


We wandered around half complaining about the scorching sun, but loving the greenery and nature that surrounded us..


Before we knew it, it was lunch time and we quickly headed over to the Gemalai Restaurant for some pretty yummy Malay platter – The Gemalai Chicken/Fish Set which is meant to be shared…Price is about RM70 for 4 pax… and consist of fluffy steamed rice, with a fried fish, salted ducks egg, some ulam -ulaman (Malaysian herbs), fish crackers, soup and some chicken curry…and the sauces.. sambal belacan as well as some tamarind chili sauce..


Owned and managed by the Langkawi Development Authority (LADA), the Laman Padi also has some super gorgeous and rustic kampung style villas.. just 6 to be precise… which are built on stilts in a little corner of the Laman Padi… I just love the feel of it.. traditional Malay Kampung chalets/villas surrounded by vast paddy fields… with all the modern comforts and amenities for a luxurious stay.


You can choose to stay at the two storey Teratak Huts or the single storey villas called Dangau Hut.. It can be tranquil and idyllic to wake up and open the window to such relaxing sceneries…


And yes, the area is just so super instaworthy and photo friendly you cannot stop yourself from taking more and more pics…


Address: The Gemalai Village Laman Padi, Jalan Pantai Cenang, 0700p Langkawi


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