So some of my best friends and I were over at the Lost World Of Tambun (LWOT) to check out their spooky Halloween…


With Zombie Outbreak as the theme this year, Lost World Of Tambun is ready to have its visitors indulging into a park filled with zombies!!! But no worries, the zombies here are all pretty friendly and nice… they might just give you a teeny little scare … but not so much…


From now up to 31st October 2018, an array of eerie and fun-filled activities such as Z Corner, Shoot the Zombie, Spooky Stories: Zombie Outbreak, all-time favorite Trick or Treat and many more will be waiting for reveler of all ages throughout the month. Visitors can expect sickeningly fun zombies roaming around when they stroll into Lost World Of Tambun where all the exhilarating Halloween attractions can be found.


Be sure not to miss the special performance at Monkey Valley and immerse themselves in a spooky story on how the zombie outbreak and invade Lost World Of Tambun that are capable of sending chills down their spine.


Visitors may also stand a chance to win mysterious prizes when they upload their picture at the Z Corner attractions to their social media with a #SUPERSCARED hashtag.


My friends and I absolutely loved pretending to be zombies or mass murderers there with the props there…

You can also join in the groove with the zombies every Friday to Sunday as they dance to various songs of different genres ranging from Kpop to Hip Hop during the Zombie Splash Party! We missed that though… Those who wish to blend in may also put on their zombie make-up and join in on the funky dance floor.


Not to forget something sweet for the kids in the Trick or Treat where it will be held in the wonderful Luminous Forest.


One has to brace themselves to endure the journey passing by Mother Sophea, Shadowfang, Garden of Lights and other attractions that illuminate at night to collect their treats.


But if you need something really scary since everything is super family oriented and more fun then scary…. then be sure to enter the Haunted Chambers and face down the thinga that make up your worse nightmares….


My besties and I, we all agreed that it is super scary… don’t say you have not been warned…


For more information on Spooky Halloween, log on to the website at www.sunwaylostworldoftambun.com or its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/lostworldoftambun

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