Sea Splash Cruise, Langkawi


Having heard nothing but good things said about Sea Splash, I was of course all excited to try it.. afterall, there is nothing much more relaxing then cruising…. and so my friends and I hopped aboard the Sea Splash during the Travelogue Malaysia Langkawi edition…


So what is the Sea Splash? The Sea Splash is a safe, comfortable, and state-of-the art sport fishing boat which was constructed beginning June 2011…

Both the owner and boat builder had gone through a series of discussions, re-designing, and fine tuning construction to complete the boat which was finally fully completed in early April 2012…

Sea Splash was definitely different from the catamaran or trimaran I hopped on before this.. It was obviously a huge boat.. and very sturdy…


Sea Splash is not only suitable for deep sea sport fishing but also comfortable enough for sea sports like cruising, snorkeling, diving, and family functions…

And to make it even more comfortable for discerning Muslims, Sea Splash happens to be the FIRST and the ONLY Non-Alcohol Cruise in Langkawi….


We boarded the Sea Splash boat for our evening cruise at the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club at 5:00 pm…


After some safety briefing on the dos and don’ts, the boat set of leisurely to Dataran Helang where we got to take photos with the huge statue of the iconic eagle in Langkawi while posing like we were Jack and Rose on the Titanic….snacks like curry puffs, sandwiches and cakes were served…


Some of us headed to the captain’s bridge where the captain obligingly gave up his seat so we can pretend to steer the boat (for photography purposes) under his watchful eyes….


From there, the boat then set cruise to Singa Besar Island for Eagle Watching… This is something you really should not miss.. eagle watching and feeding at this time was just sheer magnificence…we were the only boat there.. and the brahminy kite eagles all soared and doved for the bits of chicken thrown into the sea… I was really staring at the spectacle in awe…



When the eagles slowed down on their diving, probably because the food was gone.. the boat slowly turned back.. and the huge net was set down for those on board who wanted to experience dipping in the Andaman Sea, or wanting to pretend to be a mermaid or merman or dugong caught on a net or the so called sea jacuzzi…hahahaha


We then cruise to a nearby island for another impressive and magnificent sunset view while enjoying some really mouth watering BBQ Dinner… as the boat then slowly cruised back to the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club…


Personally, I have to say that of all the boat and catamaran cruises I have been on, this has to be the best….so far… and yes.. I do so recommend taking this cruise!!!


Address – Lot 12, Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, Jalan Dato Syed Omar, Kuah, 07000 Langkawi

Web –

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