Skytrex Adventure Langkawi


Skytrex Adventure was the first company that started outdoor activities in Malaysia involving ‘sky-trekking’ where you can fly, swing, glide and dangle on the various aerial obstacles suspended on trees on our lush tropical Malaysian Rainforests…

Skytrex Adventure is made up of 4 elements…

RECREATIONAL – Skytrex is an outdoor recreational activity for all ages which guarantees hours of fun and excitement.

SAFETY – Skytrex is constructed and managed in accordance with international safety standards.

ECO-FRIENDLY – Skytrex is constructed by giving great respect to the environment and provides a better management of forest for better conservation.

EDUCATIONAL – Skytrex provides an opportunity to learn about the rain forest and creates awareness on the fragile eco system.


My friends and I were at the Langkawi Skytrex Adventure to challenge ourselves… a few of us have also done the other Skytrex Adventure courses in Shah Alam and /or Melaka… and we were all excited…

Each different Skytrex Adventure venue is unique and presents different challenges to all who try the courses…


However it is a great way for us to test our own fitness, courage, determination and confidence crossing these bridges, suspension bridges, pipes, cables and ziplines all stretched as far as 0.7km in the woods…

Having done our bookings, we were adviced to arrive 30 minutes before our slot, so we were there at 8.30am… (Note: If you are late you may lose your slot and may have to wait for the next slot)

We arrived at the Langkawi Skytrex Adventure 30 minutes before our time and were given indemnity forms to fill up.. once done, we headed to the Equipment Counter where we were suited up in our safety harnesses and carabiners before heading to for a short training and safety briefing by our guide…

It is important that we follow all the instructions given during training for our safety…

The trees, cables, harnesses and platforms are always checked and replaced or repaired…

There are always some qualified guide or staff at some of the platforms on each course…


The Island Extreme course is pretty challenging and great for those who love extreme sports or such rope courses in the advance level….

The Island Extreme course is the largest course with 33 challenges, and going up to 15 meters in the air..


However, we did not find it as daunting, just perhaps a little bit more challenging since it was lightly raining and our course came with 15 ‘flying fox’ challenges, and there were just other interesting challenges including surfing from one tree to the other, some horizontal challenges, some climbing and  descending… (psst, I think I hated the descending one most) and when you manage to reach the end, you will be filled with a sense of pride and euphoria of having completed it…


(Note: Activities will continue in light rain but if it rains heavier or there is lightning, then you will be adviced to exit the nearest emergency exit for the courses..)

We then headed back to the Equipment Counter to return the harness

It is important to have had some breakfast or meal before you start your course and also go to the toilet…


Skytrex Langkawi can be very popular during certain months and the Skytrex slots filled several weekends ahead… so if you do not book in advance and decide to just walk-in, you run the risk of long delays or being turned away…

Full payment is required for pre-booking. Secure yourself place on any of these thrilling jungle canopy adventures by making a booking today!


Personally, I enjoyed the Island Extreme course and it was both fun and challenging…we had to go through the course in light rain, but it also made it slightly more challenging..besides it is always a nice change being able to have some fun and get close to nature and breath in the refreshing mixture of the slightly briny sea and refreshing green forest breeze here at the Langkawi Skytrex, especially if you are like me living in the city where smog, haze and lots of carbon pepper our everyday oxygen intake..

And yes, bring on the next Skytrex Adventure course…

Address – Jalan Teluk Yu, Kampung Kok, 07000 Langkawi

Web –



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