Glamping at the Lost World of Tambun


Glamping, or… hmm.. I think the real word is glamour-camping, is a fusion of simple luxuries and camping, ideal for the modern and more pampered people who want to experience the positive aspects of camping without the “uncomfortable” negatives…

I have camped before and it was definitely uncomfortable especially when your tent is on some stones or tree branches and you are just sleeping on a thin sleeping bag…


So well… I am a woman who loves her creature comforts whenever I can get it… and I decided to pull some of my friends along with me, and some of my friends are a little more errmm.. pampered… hehehe… So yes, glamping is perfect for city people like us are curious and want to try camping somewhere nice and enjoy sleeping under the stars, but not wanting to forgo comfort.

The Lost World of Tambun is a short distance from Kuala Lumpur, just about two hours’ drive, and so me and my friends, we packed ourselves in 2 cars early in the morning on Friday and headed there…

We were pretty blessed that the weather was quite good considering it was kinda monsoon season…

A buggy takes us on a tour heading for our accommodation which is located inside at the Adventure Park side of the Lost World of Tambun.

Our tents were placed on some grassy area overlooking the beautiful Boga lake and surrounded by lush greenery and limestone hills… There was the Boga monster, a dragon/snake kind of creature at the side of the camping area and it sparked our interests but it is just a myth… or is it..


There were swings and even a well nearby…

There are only 8 tents available and at first I wanted to take the one closest tl the bathroom but my friends all convinced me to take the one next to theirs and which was more private…


So we had our tents next to each other…with a couple of open mouthed plushed tigers staring at us.. or well actually standing guard for us.. apparently these stuffed tigers are the “scarecrows” that keep the wild monkeys from the forest away… so we do not get harrassed by them…


You will be surprise that the interior of the tent is pretty spacious… It can fit a king-size bed and two single beds… and plenty of space in between and comes with two electric fans and simple furniture to hang clothes.


There are power sockets, lights as well as toiletries and towels. Super cosy and exceptionally clean…. and it also has an airconditioner (optional – maybe a neccessity if you want to stay in the tent during the day but if you are going there to play around the park and just sleep, you don’t need one as it gets pretty cooling during the night and the fan is sufficient)

The only downside would be that it is a bit of a distance to go to the public shower and toilets, and I can be a bit of a scaredy cat… but on the bright side… more exercise… hehehe…

Oh, that and the fact that since the camping area is located on the Lost World of Tambun’s Adventure Park, it can be pretty noisy during the day…

But like who wants to spend the entire day lazing in the tent right.. when there is just so much to explore, try, do at the Lost World of Tambun….

Our glamping stay naturally comes with access to the park. With the green hand tag, we are also free to go in and out of the park and have the buggy send us…


The Lost World of Tambun is a dream come true for animal lovers.. We definitely adored the petting zoo and feeding the racoons…


…and I dared everyone to take a photo with Medusa, one of the resident pythons.. which got me in stitches from laughing at everyone’s expressions… some of my friends were horrified and terrified by the idea.. but everyone was a good sport and tried getting over their fear… and almost all did..


We cooed at the adorable fennec foxes and admired the tapir and deers…


My friends enjoyed feeding the camels and watching Rain the giraffe and the emu and ostrich in their enclosure…


And we also had some fun trying to tease poor Rosie the hyena and taking photos with Juwita the resident hippo…at the Hippo Kingdom just next to the Adventure Park…


I can never get tired of watching the Siberian tigers prowl or swim at Tiger Valley.. and just right next door is the Catopia, where my friends and could not resist playing with the persians, maine coons and hey.. they even have a sphynx there..

The Tin Mining Park is also interesting and educational with tin mining history in Perak… and they have a pretty cool tea house there – the Dulang Tea House
(will share more in coming blogpost)


If you like to get wet and have fun in the water, the water park is open during the day.

The amusement park or dry park is a lot of fun too.. and well.. I think I have to say one of the favourite parts of the dry park have to be the Haunted Chambers – for those who enjoy a good scare or two… It is optional but if you want to enter, there is an additional fee of RM10 per person… and I swear that was super scary… I was clutching to one of my besties arm the whole time we were in there… and everyone was shrieking one way or another…

At night, there’s the Hot Springs to unwind and relax and let the hot water which are rich with minerals soak your stress and weariness away…


However on this trip to Lost World of Tambun, we missed that.. since we headed to Monkey Valley for their Halloween show and to the Luminous Forest where we got mesmerized by Mother Sophia and the Malayana tribe.. before rushing back to our campsite for our BBQ dinner…


When evening falls, the camping grounds are just so tranquil and mesmerizingly beautiful with the lamps and fairy lights illuminating the way… it was definitely beyond my expectations as I actually kinda thought it would be dark.., we get the serene lakeside to ourselves….


The BBQ dinner is an optional thingie but since we were there… we thought it would be fun… and indeed it was!!!

The Adventure Park staff will bring everything over and set up the fire pit for the barbecue which we had just between my tent and my friends’ tents… and brought cooler boxes and trays filled with drinks and half-cooked ingredients which include beef and lamb skewers, prawns, sausage skewers, chicken wings, sweet corn and a even big fish to grill to our heart’s content… There were even some pudding and fried rice… and though one set is meant for 2 people, I think it can easily feed 4 if you are not a huge eater…

After dinner, my friends decided they wanted to go out to Ipoh to find the night flea market and so we took the buggy out to the carpark and drove to Ipoh…

When we came back, we just informed the security there and he called the buggy to pick us up..


We took our shower and then turned ourselves in… and it was so cooling even with a fan on – too cold for the aircon and we snuggled into the comforters…


We woke up next morning and washed up before the buggy sent us to the Garden Terrace restaurant for breakfast…


When we finished there.. we headed back to the Adventure Park for our Via Ferrata challenge… It was definitely challenging as all rock climbing are but this kind of rock climbing comes with a little trail and is also known as the Iron Road in Italian..


Before we began we had to undergo briefing and training.. then only we started climbing until we reached the top…


we then had to abseil down from the top… and that was such a thrill….

A couple of friends of mine are terrified of heights but overcame this fear and successfully did it!!!

Address – No 1 Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1, Sunway City Ipoh, Ipoh, Perak.

For more info on glamping or the parks, head on over to

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