Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi

When I was told we were visiting the Crocodile Adventureland… my first reaction was like… seriously??!!


I have visited a few other crocodile farms and well, they definitely did not impress me much… being hot, barren and just with crocodiles around.. I think a few of these places were also badly kept.. and kinda dirty within reason, as who would willingly want to go wash a crocodile pit, right??? …


So I just heaved a sigh and reluctantly tagged along…However, upon stepping into the Crocodile Adventureland in Langkawi, my demeanor changed.. This was definitely a whole new scenario, unlike the regular dull, kinda dirty and muddy crocodile farms…

The Langkawi Crocodile Farm is a whooping 10 acres of nicely landscaped farm that is pretty very much like a well kept recreation park at Teluk Datai Bay, just about 10 minutes away from the Langkawi Cable Car, and it is the “Largest Crocodile Farm in Malaysia” according to the Malaysian Book of Records… I sure was impressed… The park or farm definitely looked well kept and very clean…


And there are about a few hundred crocodiles which are showcased in different ponds…. all of different ages and sizes…


Most of the crocodiles are inactive and can be seen lying around, soaking in their pond or even sleeping with their eyes and those scary jaws wide open… at least until they smell food..

Our first stop was at Crocodile Fishing Pond after we walk past the Species Pond and had the different type of crocs introduced to us…



Then we stopped by a small kiosk to examine a crocodile egg and see a sample of how it would be buried…

Then at the Crocodile Fishing Pond, we were given small chunks of chicken meat tied to some nylon string which was then attached to a bamboo pole…

We then dangle the chicken over the pond of juvenile crocodiles where these toddler crocs started jumping to get their food… They might be small but they can sure bite and not let go…

Over at the other corner, you can feed the 2-3 years old crocodiles using the pellets that you can purchase from the farm..


We then headed over the the Crocodile Encounter Centre where we were allowed to take photos with the well trained adorable juvenile crocodile.. Now here is the twist.. at other crocodile farms, if they allow you the privilege, it is with the crocodile’s snout taped with cellophane… or tied up with string.. here.. the crocodile has nothing on his snout and can bite you if he is compelled to do so.. so it is a challenge to hold this majestic prehistoric reptile and take a photo with it… hehehe…


Crocodylus Pond A & B are must stop and watch places as the trainers will show you interesting stunts with the crocodiles…


We were simply amazed as to how the trainer simply relaxed the crocodile and then lifted it up… and how the trainer would sit on the gigantic crocodile named Bujang Lang or lie down on its back and even kiss it…

And that was not all… the sight of the trainer sticking his hand in the croc’s open mouth got us gripping each other’s hands or the brick divider we were sitting on and it was definitely jaw dropping….

From Crocodylus Pond A & B, we headed to The Bridge Pond, where the crocodile feeding show is held….


The Bridge Pond happens to be the largest section with plenty of greenery, water plants and lots of huge and active crocodiles….

The Bridge Pond is named thus because there is bridge built across the huge pond so visitors can get a closer look at the crocodiles from the top…

Standing on the wooden bridge, it can feel a little daunting since you are surrounded by all the huge crocs…


See how intelligent the crocs can be when they listen to the keeper giving them the signal and come over for their meal…

We then headed over to the Crocodile Education Centre where we we learnt more about crocodiles, saw a huge taxidermied crocodile and the skeleton of a crocodile at the Crocodile Museum…


Overall, I am impressed at the farm.. it is a very clean and beautiful place, well taken care of…not too hot with plenty of lush vegetation and trees… and the farm also supplies crocodile eggs, crocodile meat and quality crocodile leather goods sold under the luxury brand Porosus… and one of these bags cost up to RM40k….

Address: Taman Buaya Langkawi Mukim Air Hangat, Jalan Datai, 07000 Kedah.

The Langkawi Travelogue is brought to you in a collaboration between Borakkita Media / Travelogue Malaysia and The Influenzas team.. supported by LADA. Thanks to our main sponsors – Mega Watersports , Umgawa Legendary AdventuresSea SplashCrocodile AdventurelandOmbak VillaNadias HotelSmiling Buffalo, Huggin’ Hippo….

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