Food Review 2018: Indobowl, Subang SS15


With the amount of Thai street food, local street food in Malaysia, Indobowl was conceptualized when it was realized that there were no restaurants around with an Indonesian street food theme…


Priding themselves with simplicity, Indobowl cafes are spacious, bright and a pretty comfortable place for any one to hang out and enjoy some yummy comfort style street food at pretty affordable prices…


IndoBowl is interesting as it is err… the first Indomie cafe in Malaysia… and prepared just the way it is meant to be prepared.. the instant noodles boiled.. then tossed in accompanying packet seasonings…. then you can find toppings, of your choices added on… from meat, chicken, lovely bulls eye egg and some homemade Indonesian sambal…


I was there at Indobowl in Subang SS15 with some of my best friends and we were there to try out some of the dishes that are well,.. inspired from the streets food in Indonesia, all the way to the homemade spicy sambal…


Our drinks came first… and well.. I ordered the Soda Gembira RM6 – a combination of our famous Air Bandung with some added sprite or is it ice cream soda… it was definitely pretty yummy… The Es Cendol RM6 is also another signature drink with the green stringy jelly in brown sugar and coconut milk.. It is not too bad though perhaps a tiny mite too sweet for me… since I have cut down on sugar…


For food, since there were 5 of us, we ordered the Indomie Mumbo Jumbo @ RM59 is their signature dish, which is huge enough for 4 to 5 people to share…. The Indomie came with some grilled lamb, grilled beef and a chunk of grilled chicken, 2 chicken sates, with 3 different types Indonesian sambal….

My friends and I were actually pleasantly surprised at how well the instant noodles, meat, sambal and all actually blended and tasted together…. and well.. if you were to calculate the cost shared.. it is just about RM11.80 or 12 per person… and well.. we couldn’t finish the meat…hahaha


The Sate Madura (5pcs) RM8 was pretty satisfying… We ordered the beef sate and the meat was pretty tender smothered with soya sauce that really complemented the small chunks grilled beef. Chicken version is also available at RM8…


We also ordered some Nasi Dendeng Daging RM10 for a friend who needed to eat rice… and the rice dish came with fluffly white rice, a fried egg on top, pieces of tasty marinated and grilled meat and some colourful prawn crackers…


Indomie Salted Egg Yolk RM11.90 comes with Indomie and a few small chunks of chicken dipped into salted egg yolk and then deep fried with curry leaves….It is served with a fried egg and comes with some green or red sambal…


Overall… I seriously enjoyed the food here, more then I initially thought I would.. and yes, I definitely recommend it….

20181015_110619-979x735.jpg friends and I are already planning to go back and celebrate another friend’s birthday there… hehehe

(quite close to the Q Bistro in SS15)
66, Jalan SS 15/4C, SS15
47500 Subang Jaya

Mon–Sun: 10.30am–10pm

One thought on “Food Review 2018: Indobowl, Subang SS15

  1. I just tried its nasi ayam petai balado. Taste is ok except the chicken came in small bony pieces with little meat n mostly neck! Looks like they assume we’re suckered for the price of 10.90 It’s also oily. Gave my feedback to the staff. In short don’t order this. Better value for money is chicken chop balado


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