UMGAWA Legendary Adventures, Langkawi

It was my 2nd trip to Umgawa and I was still excited as the Travelogue Malaysia team and my besties from the Influenzas team arrived at Umgawa basecamp in two different vans… a Toyota Innova and a Toyota Alphard..



We were ushered in and asked to get seated at the big table where there was an indemnity form on a board, a nicely folded bandana as well as their welcome drink in the form of lemon grass served in the UMGAWA engraved coconut shell cup..


Then we were briefed and given general safety procedures that all participants had to adhere to as well as a rough idea of what to expect… before we put on the safety equipment – the safety harness, construction helmet, locking carabiner , pulley with the help of UMGAWA’s very friendly staff….


Before asked to gather where a mini platform and zipline was…for the final safety briefing on the 4 main rules,… Don’t touch the carabiner, Do not run or jump, Do not touch the cable and Signal feet up when landing by Sham and Farhan our safety rangers and guides for the day…


We were all bundled into a truck and taken to the foot of Matchinchang mountain…


..then Sham took us hiking pausing every 20 steps or 30 steps to tell us something about the forest, the trees, the animals etc… while he took us all the way up to the Seven Wells waterfall…at least the 3 or 4 lower levels to view the waterfalls…


Then we headed down the steps again and to the starting point….

Since we took the BIG WATERFALL ADVENTURE.. our course was suppose tp be a 2 to 2 1/2 -hour adventure… that included flying as high as 80m over the Seven Wells Waterfall crossing 12 Ziplines including the Honeymoon Double Line and 3 Bridges before ending with the Great abseil….

The first 2 Ziplines were trainer ziplines and pretty short…

The firat person to go on the Zipline was Farhan as he would be the one to catch and ensure everyone’s safe landing…. whereas Sham is the one in charge of clicking or fastening our pulleys and carabiners to the line…


Sonce everyone was just so super nervous, I volunteer to go first…and followed by the others…


However, do not think you will go on the same order as Sham will eventually swap people accordingly… The best would be the 2 longest ziplines of course.. of which it was amusing to be the first timers in my group’s faces…however, the view on these ziplines and also on one of the Sky Bridges, is truly breathtaking as you can have a magnificent view of the Seven Wells Waterfall and also the Andaman Sea….

The Honeymoon Double Zipline was different and fun as you will then get to go with your best friend (in my case) or lover if you are there on a Honeymoon Adventure…


UMGAWA’s mission is to share breathtaking nature experience, the best of ecotourism… and allows you to immerse your senses in the sights and sounds of nature as you bravely soar through pristine rainforest eco-systems… making your rainforest visit uniquely special and educational, fun-filled, exciting, and safe for all ages…

The trees are all carefully selected for their sturdiness and health and did you know.. the platforms were all built with no nails or screws penetrating any trees!!!


This is my second time on the UMGAWA lines and we had just soooo much fun despite the change in weather that left us drenched halfway during our adventure..

The activities will continue in light rain or so and the guides and rangers will monitor and ensure the safety of all, so all we have to do is listen to them and follow their instructions…

The Great Abseil was of course a lot of fun.. and it was also one of the most scariest thing… until you get on it… hahahah… no worries… the handsome Farhan will be there to catch you if you get him as one of your guides (how many times have you ladies wished you could fall into the arms of a young, handsome and macho man…here’s your chance.. heheheh) ensuring your safe and soft landing..

UMGAWA is definitely the best zipline in Malaysia… and well it is highly recommended that you need to try it out…naturally, you need to plan ahead before coming as an advance online booking could give you some great discounts…. I kid you not…

Umgawa Legendary Adventures
7 Wells Waterfall-Jalan Telaga Tujuh
07100 Langkawi

The Langkawi Travelogue is brought to you in a collaboration between Borakkita Media / Travelogue Malaysia and The Influenzas team.. supported by LADA. Thanks to our main sponsors – Mega Watersports , Umgawa Legendary AdventuresSea SplashCrocodile AdventurelandOmbak VillaNadias HotelSmiling Buffalo, Huggin’ Hippo….

As well as.. The Cliff Langkawi, Anytime Holidays, Sky Trex and the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club


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